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Thread: Garbage game

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    Garbage game

    This game is a complete dump.
    I have a team with average quality 53.9 and my opponent 46.8
    played with the same tactics 4-3-3 and win me 3-2,why?
    the same thing happened last game,I also lost.why?
    would have to be a leader...

    crap game, that's what it is, a garbage game

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    My team is way more stronger than my opponents but I am third in the League...Got knocked out in the CL by a much weaker team...Got thrashed in the CUP 5-1 also by a much weaker team...

    The game is random...Nothing matters in this game......

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    then, if I lose to inferior teams, because playing?
    It is a waste of time
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    You're completely right! Thx for this thread, it really opened my eyes^^
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    Ah, another clueless person (can't make myself call him a manager/football fan) blaming the game for his own mistakes. Please tell me more

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    The game engine is flawed in bringing up too many freak results - however don't give up as those freak results are not personal to you, but happen to everyone, so you may benefit from one going in your favour soon.

    With 4 games of this season to go I am 2nd in a league where 4 teams have better Q than me. Using the theory that the team with the best quality should come first I would be 5th. I've had some brilliant results against those 4 teams with better Q than me - while having some disappointing ones against teams with a lot worse Q too.

    With 4 games to go both me and the team in 1st have what would be seen as an "easy" run in where you would expect us to both win all our remaining games. However, with the game engine being so silly at times it is possible that I could see the team in 1st get trolled which will allow me to over take him. It's obviously also possible that I could be trolled to stop me from over taking him too - if it happens so be it.

    Nothing to get too worked up about. This game is fun, but it needs work before it can be seen as great or worthy of spending any real time and money on it. Until that happens, just take it as the time waster it is and enjoy getting promotions.

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    two options:
    1. Quit the game
    2. Learn to let it go
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    That's not FIFA, that's Top Eleven.

    In top eleven is not what you see that count, what count is the internal proggramming of the players, that is proggrammed by default.

    The % of effectiveness, Special Abilities by defauld that a player have without show the signal of SA (or player with SA bad proggrammed) all is internal proggramming, so in this game is very important things like intuition when one select a player, don't see the Quality and see what he do, and if a player is well proggrammed in internal mode you can create a plus (+) training the speed (well all phisically skills) to 9 stars.
    No more to say. In the game FIFA one select the player with more speed, and is the most fast of all. Here one have to see the player, how is he, and deal with it.

    If you like his idea, continue, if don't just leave and play another game