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Thread: My reply to each answer from the "Ask the Devs" questions. (Very long post warning)

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    My reply to each answer from the "Ask the Devs" questions. (Very long post warning)

    Each question is in bold. The devs answer is then below it in italics.
    MY view of their answer is then given after that on a new paragraph.


    1 - Are special ability useful...Last time developers said yes they are useful when they kick in...
    Now the question is when do they kick in and whats the % chance of them kicking in ???

    Yes, they are but there is no % chance and when the appropriate situation arises it will always kick in. For example penalty kick special ability is useful only when the penalty kick is awarded and if player has that special ability.

    My view – This question wasn’t really answered. It always kicks in – however what does that incorporate – what extra “skill” or chance is given when that skill kicks in. What as a percentage is the increase of a positive outcome of the action. (For example – a normal passer of the ball may connect with his pass 65% of the time. A player with the SA can do it 85% of the time…)

    2 - Tell us in some detail about the game engine so that we can plan accordingly and thus the game will become more interesting and competitive...
    We think that if we reveal more it would result with a less interesting player experience.

    My view – The question was avoided. While I believe there is merit in not divulging too much information there is a current feeling that the game engine is flawed and limited in its capabilities. There is nothing in this answer that kills any of those fears or explains why things happen. This question was given a token response that any person could have answered on behalf of the developers.

    3 - Does the passing, focus, tackling, pressing, marking style and focus passing has any effect on the game result...
    Because I used narrow diamond with passing down the flanks and I beat him 6-0 and then I used narrow diamond against the same team with passing through the middle and I beat him only 3-0...

    Using the same tactics and formation doesn't mean that the score will be the same. Every match is unique. Just like in real football matches.

    My view – The answer to the question doesn’t relate to the first part of the question. The developers had a chance here to EXPLAIN the benefits of setting up different means of passing and play, but instead decided to give a stock answer that doesn’t actually benefit the user. The answer to this question does not help any of the users or answer any questions about the merits of going into further detail when setting a team up to play.

    4 - Do ARROWS have any effect in the game and if they do what arrow does what???
    Yes, they have and they affect player's behavior. red arrows - player will play more offensively, blue arrows - he will be more focused on defense.

    My view – I have no concerns with this answer. While the answer may seem straight forward, if its correct then fair enough.

    5 - How are results determined and when? explain us how many simulation the nge does and how much every factor influence the game...
    Match outcome is not determined, it's a result of all actions on the pitch. T11 is simulated in real time and everything you do during the game has an impact on your team’s performance. But keep in mind that there are 2 teams on the pitch during the whole match with different formations, players and orders.

    My view – This answer is insulting to the users. Many people have pointed out how it is possible to see the end results of a game if looking at the result of a game about to end on another account. This proves that at a certain point the game result is pre-determined. There is no explination on what actions can affect the result within in game and the answer infers that there are two users trying to change the result in game – but that isn’t often the case when one manager doesn’t turn up to the game. From personal experience of the game – and in my opinion the experience of other users – this answer doesn’t ring true to those of us that have played the game. It feels like someone is trying to cover up for the games limitations.

    6 - are there some players marked from the nge as ducks? like if we buy a 5* that in reality is considered a 2* or so... and thats why will always play bad?
    5 star players should always behave on that quality level, as stars take into account all of their abilities and preferences.

    My view – This question was not answered correctly. The question asked if some players who are marked at a certain star are poorer players than those at a lower star. Just like how you would expect every player in the English Premiership to be better than every player in the English Championship – this isn’t actually true. The best player in the Championship would be better than the worse player in the Premiership. The question wasn’t answered and a token stock answer that could have been guessed by any game member was given instead. Not acceptable.

    7 - what happens during a max integer bid? what actions have they taken against the users?
    Price in $ stays the same and only tokens matter.

    My view – Having not experienced being involved in a max integer bid I can not dispute the original answer, however only part of the question was answered. The second part regarding what action has been taken has not been answered. While it clarifies the minus money situation it doesn’t actually answer the question asked.

    8 - so I just want devs to improve a mobile version, it's still lacks features
    We are constantly working on it to improve all versions of Top Eleven with paying special attention on our mobile version.

    My view - Another token answer. Anyone could have answered this. It doesn’t actually give any time frames on when things are going to happen or what action they are taking to improve issues.

    9 - how can there be no saves when there are 10-15 shots and of them, 3-5 shots on target? hard to believe all were blocked.
    Saves are only counted when the goalkeeper was forced to stop a possible goal. Defenders blocking shots happens quite often in real football too.

    My view – While acceptable to a degree it is unrealistic to think a keeper makes no single saves yet his defence blocks countless shots. It isn’t a realistic thing to happen so frequently in as many games as it does.

    10 - how can a GK have a rating of 4 when my team wins 4-0 and yet the opponents GK get a rating of 8 despite losing 4 goals and when both GK's made 1 save each?
    It’s quite a rare case and we are looking into it.

    My view – It isn’t quite rare. What are they planning to do about it – this question again was only partly answered. Its another stock/token answer that 99% of forum members could have come up with, which yet again fails to shed any light on how the game works or what to do to improve the game as a player.

    11 - how does a manager win while playing with an illegal formation and only 20% possession?
    An Illegal formation gives you 20% of ball possession, but it doesn't automatically mean that you are going to be defeated. For example when Barcelona played Granada: Granada v Barcelona Match stats -

    My view – The amount of times troll results happen in T11 is not consistent with the amount of times it happens in real life football. Of course, freak results do happen occasionally, however in T11 these are an almost daily event. It often feels at times that the pre-determined nature of the game has decided that you won’t get a result. The fears and concerns on this have not been answered by the devs. There is also no explanation as to what consists of an illegal formation or why the devs feel they should stick it in the game.

    12 - What about relevant stats for GK? so far they are lumped in with regular players
    it’s complicated, but still we would like to improve this in the future.

    My view – Again, the devs have failed to say what they are doing to improve this in the future. There is no conclusion or answer to the question that resolves the question. Another token answer that doesn’t actually improve peoples understanding of the game. Not good enough.

    13 - When will Negotiations be available on Android?
    We don’t have exact date yet, but we are working hard on our goal of having all features on all platforms.

    My view – Again, the answer fails to actually bring any new information to the table. Another token response which doesn’t answer the question. What have they been doing – what plans to implement it are in place etc…

    14 - When will changing names of players cost 0 Tokens?
    We are evaluating the options but cannot give you a definitive answer on that yet.

    My view – This is a very simple question with a simple answer. “Evaluating the options” is another way of fobbing off the users. I feel the answer is – We don’t intend to remove the cost – but instead of answering the question in a manner that would get a negative response they have decided to avoid it by fobbing the users off. There is no explanation as to why there is a cost set currently.

    15 - When will the number of Ts needed for changing stadium name be reduced from 5T to 1T?
    Like with cost of name change there are various elements to consider, we don’t have a timeline for this yet.

    My view – This answer yet again is unsuitable. It doesn’t explain what the various elements to consider are or what justifications are set on the current pricing. It’s another fob off of an answer which fails to give the players any more insight into the game.

    16 - why did they bring in new Transfer market without prior warning compared to other updates that they proposed
    We are constantly trying to improve the gaming experience everywhere in the game. One way of doing this is to test a new feature only in some servers and analyse gamers behaviour. The idea here is to provide better players in average through the day and the season.

    My view – I find it hard to believe that there is no ongoing beta testing of the game that the devs can use to try out new ideas before they are implemented into the live game. Why was the new market not tried on that with beta testers and the results and opinions on that taken into account prior to live launch? If the aim was to analyse gamers behavior how come there has been no feedback from the almost 100% negative comments and reactions?
    The question also fails to explain the questino asked why the transfer market changes were implemented without warning, yet other updates often get spoke about before hand. Again, only a partial answer to this question – and not one that seems to be truthful or ring true to those of us that play the game on a daily basis.

    17 - Are special abilities in "hidden mode" by default in all players, without have the icon of special ability? (that's a yeah, I know if there's no icon/pic of special ability, we have to discover it)
    No, they are not. Special abilities are visible and transparent.

    My view – This answer on the base of it appears to relate to the question, but in reality it doesn’t. The term special ability has been used in relation to the in game abilitys, where the question is more open to – does a player rated at (for example) 48.4Q perform exactly the same as another player with 48.4Q or are there extra variables in each player, unknown to each gamer, thus hidden, that we need to find out through trial and error.

    18 - Does STRETCHING before match decreases the chance of injuries and if yes then by how much % ???
    The likelihood of injury is influenced by various factors and finding out how it all works is the mark of a true expert.

    My view – This question hasn’t been answered. It is another reply that any user on the forum could have made with no insight to the game given.

    19 - Does MATCH PRACTICE before match increases the chance of winning and if yes then by how much % ???
    Any training increases your team's quality, so chances to win are higher. Besides that, winning and losing is determined by other factors, so match practice cannot be the crucial one.

    My view – The answer to this question fails to give any extra insight into the game again. Another pointless answer.

    20 - Does the engine decided to injure players that are crucial to our teams, or is it totally random?
    Many factors are involved; you can however imagine how injuries are more likely to happen to players that are playing more often, and good players tends to be used more often than average ones, don’t they?

    My view – Again this answer fails to give any insight onto the game. What are the many factors involved? What are the ways to increase and decrease the chances? Again, the original question asking about how the game engine decides which players get injured is not answered. It comes down to the issue again of if the game engine is actually random or what percentage of pre-determined action is put in it. Again, the devs have failed to stop fears on this or give an adequate explination.

    21 - Do you tweak formations throughout the game? For example 4-5-1V used to dominate most others, now it seems like the standard 4-4-2 has increased in power, and I could say the same about the 4-1-2-1-2 narrow diamond.
    We are constantly working on improving and optimizing the whole game, live match being the part of it. It is very important for us to have realistic and well-balanced live match, formations being part of it.

    My view – The question again wasn’t properly answered. There is no explanation as to what ongoing improvements are happening, or how they are working towards realistic results. The question asked if the engine chances what percentage a victory is likely against two set variations of formation. The answer was a stock answer that didn’t answer the question.

    22 - can you explain why double corners seem to lead to a goal 99% of the time?
    We cannot verify that statistic, it must have been coincidence.

    My view – This answer is rubbish. Anyone who has played the game for a period of time knows about the double corner goals. It is a simple coding error by the devs but instead of admitting to it they are pretending ignorance. What are the devs and the beta testers doing that something this basic gets into the game, and years later still hasn’t been fixed? If they can not verify the statisitc how can they assume it coincidence? This answer is insulting to the daily players of the game.

    23 - does aerial defender SA give the player an increased chance of scoring headers?
    No, it’s a defensive trait.

    My view – A more detailed answer explaining the pros and cons of SA would have been better. While aerial defender SA is a defensive trait, why does it not help a defender win a header in the opposition box? Why do some defenders have attacking SA traits given to them, while some strikers have defensive ones on them – are those SA pointless or not?

    24 - I'd like to ask if the captain has a great influence in my team.
    Yes, but consider that the captain’s influence is only one of many factors.

    My view – there is yet again no explanation as to what these factors are. The answer to this question is not acceptable.

    25 - Does WIN BONUS has any effect in the game ?
    Yes, your team is more motivated and chances to avoid bad result are lower. But keep in mind that opponent can motivate players in the same way.

    My view – Again there is no explanation as to how effective this is. The answer again needs to be added to to explain more about the game.

    26 - Do Offisde trap really working? and How do Offside trap work?
    Yes, it works, but we decided to not show offsides and goals cancelled because of offside in Top Eleven in order to avoid confusion and frustration.

    My view – While the question is answered, it is odd that a huge part of what happens in a realistic game is excluded out of this game to avoid confusion or frustration. How can the devs say they want a realistic gams above in answer to how the game runs then ignore a big part of the games rules to suit? There is also no explanation on how much importance should be put onto the offside trap. Another answer that leaves more questions open than it answers.

    27 - Why cannot the substitutions for a hurt player (especially the Keeper!) take less time?
    We need to wait for the ball to be out of play. In real life this happens a bit faster as players kick the ball out.

    My view – Surely if the devs wanted the realistic play then they could add in the auto sub straight away? What reasoning’s for not having this happen are there?

    28 - Could we possibly have a way to see our server name/title?
    This would mean we could make a list of sorts of forum players on each server - managers could buy and sell players with each other and find friends on the same server
    We are working on removing all technical barriers, so players can play the game together.

    My view – The answer to this question is acceptable. However, an explanation on what work was ongoing to improve the technical barriers would have been nice.

    29 - Will there be a new 'create your own jersey/emblem contest' soon?
    Yes, we are planning it, and expect it very soon.

    My view – The answer to this question is acceptable.

    30 - What are the disadvantages of positioning a player out of his position ???
    Which one is better - To play a 4 star player in position or a 5 star player out of position ???

    A player in the wrong position won’t play at his full potential and there will be less cohesion with the rest of the team. Of course a bigger difference between positions will have a bigger impact.

    My view – This answer isn’t acceptable. It fails to explain the effects of a player out of position and what is a better solution – like the one asked in the original question. This is another token response answer that anyone could have answered and again fails to shed any light onto the game. How much affect do the disadvantages have on the team – and which positions are seen as being more out of position than others? What are the best players to put in out of position positions if you have to etc… The devs have not covered this question at all.

    31 - Which effect the game result????
    Team Quality/ formation/ SA/ Morale/ condition/ Home & Away/ Manager Presentor Not/ Training before match/ last games performances/
    Facilities/ win bonus/ substitutes/ time spent on game/ ... ???

    A lot of various factors influence the match outcome and we think that revealing all of them (or which of them is more important) will make the game less interesting.

    My view – I don’t think this answer is acceptable. Various factors does not explain the game. Information and suggestions could be given without ruining the game or making it less interesting. It doesn’t stop the fears about the game engine being limited or pre-determined and it almost feels like the devs are deliberately being deceitful in their reply.

    32 - Which effect the injuries most??
    Condition/ morale/ training/ phy & mental Q/ ...???

    Again a lot of various factors are involved, we can’t say more

    My view – Again, various factors is given as an answer which fails to actually answer the question. Its another default fob off where the players learn nothing. It again makes us feel that the randomness of the game engine has more to do with it than we as managers do.

    33 - Does watching your game gives any extra advantage to your team apart from 8% ball possession...If yes then what are the other advantages ???
    Yes, you can influence the game by making substitutions and by changing tactics during the Live Match.

    My view – Yet again, due to the devs failing to explain how much is random with the game engine, it doesn’t really answer the question about how much extra influence we may have on the game itself. When results can be seen before the game has ended with no explanation or reason given for that it contradicts what the devs are saying.

    34 - why do Dev`s never reply on forum and give MDKII a break ?? oh wait why does it take so long for MDKII to respond not just here but Bugs and tech issue`s forumx
    This forum is for players to share experiences, tips, etc. Of course there is a need for moderators but the focus is on players. That said, devs receive regular reports on any feedback expressed here by players. [/i]

    My view – Why don’t the devs ever share their experiences, tips etc..? The answer says devs receive regular reports on feedback, but what action do they take on this feedback? Again the answer is not good enough and fails to shed any light onto the game in which the player can improve or find more insight. Simply not good enough.

    35 - if they are going to further improve the fixtures timing to include time zones to make home matches watcheable for all?
    It's already done. Home team is always priority when it comes to timing. But anyway, even taking that into consideration we are trying to find the best possible solution for both teams.

    My view – The answer is contradictory. How can it already be done if they are still trying to find the best possible solution for both teams? No explanation is given on how the game decides on what time to schedule games or what we can do to help get games played at times to suit us. The answer isn’t acceptable and fails to adequately answer the question.

    37 - Where are the logs about game changes?
    Both Top Eleven's Official Facebook Page and the News section of post all information about any new features and change.

    My view – The answer is semi acceptable however the user asked about the logs regarding game changes. The answer relates to notifications about game changes but not where the logs are.

    38 - I would like Nordues to allow me to disable the mourihno option. I want the choice to not read his little advices.
    At this moment there is no option for turning advices off. You can however remove Mourinho from friends list.

    My view – There is no explanation as to WHY you can’t disable Mourihno. There is also no explination as to what happens once you remove Mourinho from your friends lists – do you lose future give aways etc…. This answer isn’t acceptable because there is not enough information given. A common theme with all the questions.

    39 - I want to ask on behalf of T buyers, when will scouts of 18 year of age be available in the scout list???
    This depends on number of other improvements, as we don’t want to be unfair to managers who train their youngsters.

    My view – This question is very insulting. What are the other improvements? Why are these not implemented? Why is it not currently possible to have 18yr old Scouts? It appears the only reason is that Nordeus don’t want us to get really strong players without spending loads on tokens. There isn’t an acceptable reason given to this question.

    40 - Why has MDKII left the forum?
    We want to be respectful of his privacy, so we cannot answer this question.

    My view – While disappointing, I respect this answer and don’t have any concerns or questions relating to it.

    41 - how and when some Special Abilities such as "playmaker" play a part in the game?
    During the LM, the playmaker chooses the best possible option to pass the ball. But in order for the ability to work you also need the proper situation to happen.

    My view – This answer does not fit the question or adequately explain how SA works. What are the proper situations, when do SA “kick in”, how much of an effect do the SA have etc… Again another question where the devs fail to divulge any useful information.


    Overall I am very disappointed with the replies given by the devs to these questions. It seems that the majority of the questions could have been answered by any random person on this forum. There is absolutely no extra insight given into the game, there is no reassurances on how the game runs or improvements that are going to make the game better. It has taken too long for the replies to these questions to come and when they have they haven’t been worth the wait. The devs appear unwilling to actually explain why the game has so many flaws, unwilling to explain what exactly they do and are planning to do to improve the game, or to help the gamers in anyway in being able to improve their experience of the game.
    Im unimpressed.
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    I also thought of doing this...And even answered the question till number 13 but then stopped and didn't posted here......

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    Iam sorry if iam doing a mistake by asking this really as it s my first tme for me in here but my questin is ( how i can beat 43w12 !! ) i do read alot of comments in this site about it and no one is giving the best counter formation ... i do used 4411 , 451v and bothe didnt do the jop ... so how i can beat it !! ) note i dont have DML really in my team loool!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ahmad Alnatsha View Post
    Iam sorry if iam doing a mistake by asking this really as it s my first tme for me in here but my questin is ( how i can beat 43w12 !! ) i do read alot of comments in this site about it and no one is giving the best counter formation ... i do used 4411 , 451v and bothe didnt do the jop ... so how i can beat it !! ) note i dont have DML really in my team loool!!
    Ask your question here...

    Formations and Tactics
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    thanx i will ask it again there !! but as i have final cup match against it tommrow so iam really confused !! hehee

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    tl;dr lol
    Not so many achievements:

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    Whilst I agree on many of the points you make, I think it was being very optimistic to expect the devs to reveal any part of how the game works - yes we could have given those answers, but I think they were only to be expected - what game company employee in their right mind would release the secrets of how one of their games works?

    However, like I say I agree with some of the points you make, especially with your replies to: 6-9, 14, 15 and 22-24.
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    17 - Are special abilities in "hidden mode" by default in all players, without have the icon of special ability? (that's a yeah, I know if there's no icon/pic of special ability, we have to discover it)
    No, they are not. Special abilities are visible and transparent.

    LOL... this was 1 of my questions... my GK is scoring fouls now and don't have SA... so maybe in some sense there are these abilities.. not SA's in hidden mode, but in % by default...

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    I think a 18 year old scout would be awkward, as the game starts whilst the player are 18 years old, and without playing a single game ever u are already scout is hilarious, even academy player with 18are not 5 stars, cause its the starting age of the game, u need training n time.. The rest i agree, could have been lot better answers
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    Good effort Kynan, I hope we do see some more responce to this.
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