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Thread: Calm down Nordeus

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    Calm down Nordeus

    Playing this for 16 seasons makes you aware of any tweaks.

    A couple of seasons after friendlies were finally made asymmetric, Nordeus increased the yellow card rate to prevent you from farming red packs,

    Still what they do about people who had stored a lot of packs in the past?

    Green packs:
    They found a way to tune the schedules until a perfect draining formula was achieved. Games are no longer separated by 9-12 hours, but effectively separated by 3-6 hours so that the green packs steadily disappear if you want to win titles.

    Blue packs:
    Well, just tune players to be losing morale for no reason every night.

    Red packs:
    One year ago the injury rate was absurd. They calmed down a bit but now they've increased the injury chances monstrously. My red packs stock had been around 200 for many months, now in one season only it's down to 130.

    Virtual cash:
    The more you advance, the more disproportionate bonus games are in relation to your receipts and sponsors.

    Calm down, boys and girls in Belgrade. I've put 20 euros in this game one year ago to grab a promotion and have many tokens to bid and have fun. I will only put 20 euros again if you give me a good game experience. Don't do the tweak thing, I won't yield.

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    Definitely agree on losing morale over night. It's bullshit. Did the players have nightmares or what??

    Also agree on yellow cards: just got my first red pack from a match yesterday after 3 game drought (when playing vs abandoned teams, winning 7-0 so there's really no way to get a card).
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    Nothing is static, I have notice because we don't see what the Developers see, that is they see all the stats for all the servers, we can only tweet our game after they tweeted their program, I would think it takes about half a season for a manager to totally understand what has changed in the top 11 program.
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    You mean "tweak", bro ?

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    What annoys me is that its always the same players playing in the same position that gets injured.

    I said I wasn't going to use red packs on injured players, but use alternative players and formation as I refused to be bullied by Nordeus into using red packs.

    I then play a game where one MC gets a yellow, meaning he faces a suspension, while my other MC gets a 5 day injury. I swap him with a 3rd MC, who also gets a 4 day injury in the last few mins of the game. I did LIGHT STRETCHING with the players that didn't play in that game and my last MC - he goes and breaks his bloody leg - by stretching, out for 14 days.

    I was left with no choice then but to use red packs as I simply couldn't field a team without having someone either out of position in midfield, or an illegal formation.

    It was just all to convenient that all the players that were going down were in the same position and had a feeling of inevitability about it. At the moment this game is getting really hard to fathom.
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    Yes, the players loose morale after the daily server reset...God know why ???
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