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So tell me:

this year i started level 13 with 5* quality and first round of cup i got a 7* rated Level 14 team.
last season i was also Level 13 rated 4* and got a 7* team too.
the year before i was level 12, 4*, and got a Level 15 manager rated 6*

3 years, 3 first round knockouts. wtf has been calculated ???
I have 22 man Squad, 11 or more usually 6* with the rest a mixed bag of 5 & 4 with a couple 3's.

lower team rating at the end of season?-cup-history.png

The best 14 players. NOT total Team Quality, so if the guys above you have low Q players but upgrade Day 1 to 5* (for THEM, to you they are Scouts or Superstars etc) you get screwed, yep.