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Thread: Season 57

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    Jun 2013
    happy that i won the league last season. we were in a difficult group but the best team (+5Q than mine) decided to tanks after 1/2 season when being leader and 3 pt better than mine.
    champion league: very bad season. eliminated at round of 16 by a level 16 team and far lower in Q.
    cup : just 2nd round but not too disapointed, our opponents were too strong

    this season:
    League: one of 3 main contenders
    Champion league: let's see. a semifinal place would be expected
    Cup: won 2-0 in 1st leg to a better team, but it's too soon to say anything
    Palaiseau FC in Sever 46
    season 28, level 28

    competition Played 1st 2nd top4 last win current season(*)
    League 28 19 6 2 season 27 .....
    Champions league 26 7 1 6 season 25 ........
    Cup 26 2 2 3 season 7 .......
    (*) updated at 1-June-2015

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    Our second league match is over and we still haven't conceded a single goal in all competitions of the current saison!
    All the nordgens that we've bought at the beginning of the season perform great and that's why in todays match, I've just lined up those 18 years old players to see if they perform well too if there's no player in the starting 11 with a bit more experience. And the result was awesome! The player's ratings and the match stats show that they've played brilliantly

    In a few hours I'll play in the Cup against a pretty tough opponent... Probably I'll be kicked out as every season but as you know, hope is the last thing to die
    BLAUGRANA FC - The road to success...

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    Winning 11
    League: Won 2-0 home.. leading the table with 2 wins
    CUP: Draw 2-2 at home to higher level team...a lot of work to do for 2nd leg...Unfortunately busy with work (too many customers came) so we did not watch the match...

    Tuan DM FC
    League: Draw 1-1 with the leader..1 point after 2 matches..hehehe..Bonus made me lost the 1st match..hic...
    Cup: Won 4-1 to the ACTIVE team higher 2 level...we did not even watch the match

    Winning Eleven:
    League: Won 3-0..6 points..2nd place.. goal different with the leader
    CUP: WON 9-0 away game with 2 level higher.. both of us watched the match...
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    Lisbon, portugal

    Yesterday we started the LEAGUE with a defeat, but we faced the stronguest team in our LEAGUE, so thats not a bad start, we lost by 0:2

    In CL we also lost by 3:4 but it was a tight match, with a great performance of Klimov with 2 goals and 1 assist. I always start bad in CL.

    Today in CUP we won away against a level below manager by 0:1, goalby Carchedi, Morawsky got MOM.

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    Win in the league (3-1), win in the cup.

    Season 57-cup2ndround.jpg

    Founded: January, 16th 2013
    League level: 20
    "We are no cup team, we are a pub team"

    - FCK stories from time to time, when I look around. -

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    Well, we were hopeful ... but couldn't pull off a troll. Given how much this guy's invested in personal training, Rugby's Better be aiming for 2nd in the league this season. His team's average quality is actually the same as mine (62.5), thanks to a couple of 1*s in his reserves, but when 8* strikers get near goal ...

    Season 57-losss9.2.jpg

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    Affiliate Club News

    Celtic Rangers follow up a 7-0 home win in the league with a 4-0 home win in the Cup. Dribbling Striker Thomson scores 6 today. Thats 11 goals, 5x 9 ratings and 3 MoM from 5.

    Shangalang FC scrape a 1-0 win away in the Cup then record a 2-0 win away in the league.

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    \o/ *Buffs Spam* \o/

    League: Buffs FC gain a valuable 2-1 away win vs same Q opponent - a fierce rival from past seasons (and one who had a sneaky practice friendly in the wee small hours this morning).

    Opposition started in a 4-4-1-1 and Buffs remained in their 4-5-1V from earlier. With a 0-0 stalemate, at half time the opposition switched to 4-3W-1-2 and Buffs changed to Normal and stopped forcing c-a.

    Baxter came off the bench to replace McFadden on the left but the home side took the lead in 60 mins after a cross from a FK was nodded home. McCoist soon levelled it as he half-volleyed a Johnstone cross in off the bar. Johnstone was then replaced by Henderson and Murdoch came on for the over-worked McStay in midfield.

    In 80 mins Buffs hearts sank as McGrain got a straight red for a shirt-pull on the edge of the box but the shot skimmed the bar. The Buffs were now forced ito a 3-5-1V but upped the pressure and Baxter found Henderson with a through ball but it was blocked. The home side just couldn't get out and Henderson once more picked up the ball on the egde of the box, shimmied right and rifled the shot into the top corner.

    The Buffs had to withstand 2 more FK scares and Gemmell was booked. At the death McCoist missed a 1-on-1 when through on goal and as the ball slid past the whistle went.

    A tough match and although Buffs shaded possession and shot chances were the same, the Buffs have McGregor to thank for 2 good saves from the 5 FKs they conceded.

    Buffs go 4th.
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    Hong Kong

    Trolls will Haunt you where ever you go!

    Missed my game, slept through it, felt sick, cancelled all my students classes. Second league game Titans F.C. draw 2-2 at home had a V against his ND, 2 stars, 7 A.Q. advantage, all the possession ~ my posse of managers, still drew 2 even.

    I think is was for the best as I could not bare watching getting trolled for 8 and half minutes.

    Season 57-special-one-special-one-trolled..jpg
    In football it is better to be Lucky than Good.

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    Updates for the past couple days:

    League Update:

    Ninjaa FC won it's opening match 2:0 at home against one of the stronger teams in the league. Ninjaa FC followed this up with a 5:0 win away against an abandoned team.

    CL Update:

    Won opening match in the group 3:0 against the weakest team in the group. The other 2 teams drew 2:2, so Ninjaa FC has the lead for now. Tomorrow Ninjaa FC faces the team it played in the semifinals of the CL last season. It looks like the other team has improved more since then, because they've updated their team more, while I've mostly replaced backups.

    Cup Update:

    Ninjaa FC is playing a team a level higher and with a higher average quality for the 2nd round in a row. However, the opposing team somehow has only 13 players on their roster, and one of their starters is injured. Ninjaa FC won the 1st leg 5:0 at home.

    Just realized the first match tomorrow will be Ninjaa FC's 100th Match!

    The team has a total of 3 matches within 12 hours, spanning the 2nd half of day 5 to beginning of day 6.
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