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Thread: Season 57

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    And voilĂ . First season and the league cup is mine! And I'm undefeated in the league! Can't wait for the next one. I've got a good team to carry, and I'm not even sure if I'll buy any new players next season...

    Season 57-screenshot014.jpg

    Season 57-screenshot015.jpg

    Season 57-screenshot016.jpg
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    my UNBEATEN - f__k, in 12th round at home 0-2 against TOWERS FC

    Season 57-s21t.jpg

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    great season for my Fc Torino with a great final won on penalties,best feeling when you win a final on penalties Season 57-ucl-1.jpg Season 57-ucl-2.jpg Season 57-ucl-3.jpg Season 57-ucl-4.jpg won the league but failed to finish the season without loss,i lost the last match but a great league season after all Season 57-league-1.jpg in the cup i was eliminated in the semifinal by a vietnamesse token buyer i am very pleased with my results this season and i hope i can do at least the same next season
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    I've been a bit busy the past couple weeks and haven't had time to type up summaries of how my team is doing, but I'll go ahead and give a summery of the season.


    The team clinched 1st place almost a week ago, but on earlier today, in the very last match, when I was unable to watch, the League win streak came to an end at at least 77 (I can't remember how my 1st season ended, but 2nd and 3rd seasons were 26-0-0). The team ended the season with a 1:1 draw at home against the 3rd place team in the league. A fairly disappointing end to the season really.


    After some early struggles in the group stage, the team managed to make it into the knockout stage, won the round of 16 and quarterfinals fairly easily. The team lost the 1st leg of the semifinals, but came back to win big in the second leg, with a score of 6:1, clinching a 3rd straight CL finals appearance.

    The team finally performed well in the CL finals, winning 2:0, securing the first Double for Ninjaa FC, which eluded the team the previous 2 seasons, with back-to-back CL Finals losses.

    Team Progress:

    For the last week of the season, the entire starting squad was at 6 stars, which is a first for the team. The team ended the season with 14 total 6 star players, with 5 of those being at the MC position. There were 2 back up defenders at close to 6 stars, and a backup striker only about 7 skill points from reaching 6 stars.

    The team's overall quality is less than 5 higher than the end of last season, but the top 14 are likely at a higher average than last season, so the cup will be tough again next season.

    This next season, I expect the team may not do as well, even though it will mostly be at 5 stars. Due to my work schedule, I will likely be unable to watch most matches, which will likely have a large negative impact on the team's performance. I'm considering leaving the roster as it is currently for the whole next season, so that in a future season when I can watch the matches more, maybe the team will get an easy cup draw.

    Should I decide to make some updates to the squad, I will likely be looking for a ML/AML, a MR/AMR, and a DC, as I have 3 backups in these positions, which will drop to 3 stars with the new season. All of them have been good performers for the team over the past 3 seasons though, so it would be tough to just sell them.
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    Congrats to all League, Champs League or Cup Winners!

    Congrats Congrats to you lucky Double Winners!

    A look of pure jealousy, followed by my heartfelt congratulations to Triple Winners.

    And a GIANT congratulations to spornybol for winning his League above his level (yet again.), convincingly! Truly awesome!

    And for the rest of us, let's hope for better luck next Season!

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