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Thread: Season 57

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    Yay! managed to get FA and sell and make sure damn money up here!!
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    2nd time in 3 games and both at home completely dominate and lose with a 90th minute goal ?? this time lost 2-1
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    Galactico FC Update:
    Champions League: Prior to the upcoming champions league game between the Galacticos and The Anh FC, the events of the title showdown on the previous evening had some casualties in the starting XI, Galacticos main GK got sold in absolute disgust, with the manager gladly ridding of his underperforming SA and reinstated their main GK of the two previous seasons Buffon coming back into the first team and will likely remain there until the Galacticos find a great Nordgen GK.

    As the Champions League stages are very safe for the Galacticos with guaranteed place as qualified leaders (Same can't be said for the league) the Galacticos once again fielded a second string side against an opponent of similar quality. As the match was early in the morning without much to play for the manager decided to get some more sleep time as opposed to turning up for the game; still absolutely reeling from the defeat yesterday in the title race all but over.

    Both teams decided to play a 4-4-2 narrow diamond formation as both teams have similar quality and Galacticos employed a man on man marking to ensure it will be a tight game to avoid defeat.

    However, the Galacticos seem to have another bad start (Which is becoming a trend recently) by conceding a goal in the 6th minute, this definitely wont make the manager happy at all and he is already in a bad mood. The Galacticos managed to reply with a goal in the 29th minute with ST Heym again making another assist to pass to the AMC Nagy (I presume Heym went through on goal again but DOESNT take a shot himself despite his one on one SA) =.= hard to identify if the manager doesn't show up.

    However the Galacticos fell behind again just before half-time with the opponent ST Saboureau scoring a brace assisted by his other ST Messi (Pfft yeah right in Level 7? xD) which stayed at the break.

    Once the second half started the manager suddenly woke up at the right time and went into the stadium at 48min and found out his team was trailing. After the defeat from yesterday the manager wanted to avoid a double set-back and enough was enough decided to change formation to 4-5-1V style with DR Farrell, ST Heym and AMC Nagy making way for DC Nica, AML Bouwmans and AMR Milovanovic (All three subs made on 63rd min). The subs quickly made an impact with a goal on the 72nd with another long shot screamer from Nordgen MC Enasoaie with an assist made by a probing pass by the sub Bouwmans. Their keeper made a save from a FK by Meftouh (He always seem to get it over the wall) but the game almost looked like it was going to end like that and the manager was contempt to avoid defeat so would be ok with this scoreline, however the Galacticos decided they do not want to disappoint their manager and new signing MC Labba making his debut scored an absolute cracker from 30 yards in the 90th min to secure the victory! Game ended at 3-2 win for the Galacticos at home ending their group as leaders with a perfect 18 points and victories against all opponents. The game here ended their clean sheet streak in the CL so that was the only set back,

    The manager was delighted with the late winner and will award another start for Labba as they look to continue to put their league setback behind them and try to finish as high as they can. However the manager will just not get over the defeat from yesterday

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    After having left the game for about a year due to intense raging because of Nordeus' legendary game engine, I decided to come back, hoping changes were made.

    So back from the beginnning, AS Dudster, ready to take names and kick ass.
    The situation right now: 3rd in the league and kicked out from Cup after a highly controversial match.

    A lot of free agent players have been baught, to freshen up a team of old players. They're performing well and are training hard, giving them quickly 4 stars ranks.

    This is tonight's matchup. Needless to say, it's pretty important. He's going with the 4-4-1-1 formation, I might go with an agressive 4-3N-2-1 or a more defensive 4-5-1. If you have any suggestions, please reply!

    Hopefully my past knowledge of the game will help me out!Season 57-matchup.jpg

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    League: Yesterday a 10-0 win against an abandoned team and today a 0-6 win. 6 points ahead of the 2nd and 3rd.

    CL: Last game in 4 hours from now, already certain of 1st place

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    Finally i scored even though still missed a few, but important victory, 3d now same points as 2nd,but still a lot to improve, now need win tomorrow as well then ok. Cl finished 1st,looks i play better there, oponent next round tough but im stronger, so go for the quarters...
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    I've been on vacation 4 2 days.. playing on my cell phone SUCKZ! I'd played the 1st month on da phone cause I thought it was only a phone app. But now. No PC, no negotiations, detailed stats, no Nodgen nothing!
    But I'm winning..... hehe 37C on the beach and winning...... priceless!

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    You kidding me, right? hahahaha, this game is freaking unbelievable, i score 15 goals in Champions League in group stage, and guess what? I don't go in next phase, last season i was in SEMIFINAL..

    Season 57-untitled.jpg

    If you're not big token buyer, you can't be first in CL or League, f**k this..

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    Nordeus Game Engine goes daft as Buffs FC win 2 matches in 1 day O.o

    League: Buffs Mad missed the match but he didn't expect FC Hope to have any. Buffs went out in ND v 3N-2W(DM)-2-1-2 and won 3-1 away. Both sides had 1 injury and DMC Dave Mackay is suspended for the next match after picking up his 3rd booking this season - he was gonna get benched a few games anyway.

    Goals: McCoist (1, 48), Law (67)

    Champions League: Buffs Mad got to the match just in time to throw the reserves in. Shockingly close at 1-0 but a win is a win. Available resources demanded a 4-5-1V v opposition 4-1-3W-2. GK McGregor got injured with 10 mins left and King Kenny snatched victory 7 mins from the end.

    Goals: Dalglish (83)

    The Buffs keep the move back up the league going, slipping into 5th 5 pts off the pace. Qualified 1st undefeated in CL.

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    League Update:

    Yesterday, Ninjaa FC finally had a double digit score for the first time this season. Won 11:0 on the road against one of the abandoned teams at the bottom of the league.

    Today, 7:0 on the road against another team from the bottom of the league.

    Ninjaa FC has gone from being 9-0-0 with a mediocre GD, to 11-0-0 with the best GD in the league to back it up.

    CL Update:

    In the last group stage match, it seemed like the game was determined to troll hard. Despite the +13% possession bonus from home field and only me watching, giving the team about 60% possession, it actually seemed like the other team had the ball more often. The other team also had about 10 counter attacks in the match. Ninjaa FC took the lead 1:0 in the first half, but the opposing team scored immediately after to even it out. When halftime came, I went to make a couple subs immediately, but halftime only lasted for 2 seconds for some reason...

    Late in the 2nd half, Ninjaa FC had a double corner, but the game decided to troll again, and didn't give a goal. Instead, the header went over the bar, and the opposing team counter attacked and scored immediately. The final was a 2:1 loss, and I was lucky it was that close, as my GK had 3 saves, despite a 5 rating... The majority of my team had ratings of 6, including my STs, which have been averaging around 8.

    Ninjaa FC is still in 2nd place in the group, because the other team with 10 points is the one we lost 4:2 to on the away match, then beat 7:0 at home. The team has more than 24 hours before their next match, so I'm going to push them really hard on training, and hope for better results in the knockout stage.
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