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Thread: Season 57

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    Academy FC had a poor weekend, winning 2 and losing 2. Both losses were in league, and AFC now sit in 4th place, 5 points behind the leaders (though, after assigning skill points, our quality is equal at 30.3*). My poor results are *likely* mostly due to not being able to watch the games (one at midnight, the other during the soccer tournament I was coaching this weekend). AFC plays at the 3rd place team this afternoon, and I will be able to watch this game to ensure victory. I've also altered my formation slightly, as they play a 3-2-1-2-2.

    One of the wins was in CL play, and the 2nd leg is a match that I will be able to attend, against a fairly weak team (20.9*). I plan to destory them and move on in CL play!

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    Thank you Nordeus and your great game engine. You've done it once again!! Screwing me over at the last minute!Season 57-thanks-n.jpg

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    F.. K YOU NORDEUS, after all u thought my goalie needs a 6 day break as well.. Having no player left that's just...
    And NO, im not buying 100000 reds, or another goalie (if u see i would keep on wining u guys would make him injuried as well), so i use my best defensive skilled player. And whatever u do, i finish top 4,but... F.... K YOU!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by July Fourth View Post
    Halfway League Table

    What a strange season so far... Who would of thought that patuska who emerge as surprise front runners and challengers for the league title this season and defeated both ourselves and El Capo earlier this season. We lost against El Capo and Ottomans as well while El Capo have suffered some shock results too and this is handed a 5 point lead for patuska at the halfway stage this season, One thing for sure in this league with 3 teams realistically in the title race its going to be a close finish as ourselves and El Capo look to try and make ground on the surprise leaders. I suppose it makes a change from the usual situation that finds July Fourth running away from the pack in the majority of our previous league campaigns and we could even see a surprise winner of the league this season.

    Key Matches
    Round 16: El Capo vs July Fourth
    Round 17: patuska vs El Capo
    Round 19: patuska vs July Fourth

    Also the other matches for the 3 contenders for the title this season could be very important especially against LaFruta & OTTOMANS 1453 who are both strong teams too.

    It will be interesting to see what happens from here... Can patuska continue their unexpected good form and claim the title? Can July Fourth have a sublime 2nd half of the season and win the league from here or can El Capo win the league from here should patuska start to find things difficult towards the end and overturn July Fourth too?

    Odds to win the league
    patuska 6/5
    July Fourth 7/4
    El Capo 9/2
    Any Other Team 33/1
    patuska now leads by SEVEN points after a 1-0 win over Ottomans today and we could only draw with juventud unida whilst I was absent with real life duties with work. This means now in theory patuska can now lose both upcoming matches against ourselves & El Capo and win every other match and still win the league title whatever we & El Capo do in our remaining matches, this now makes patuska odds on to win the title now.

    Title Odds
    patuska 4/5
    July Fourth 11/4
    El Capo 4/1
    Any Other Team 100/1
    *Retired From Top Eleven*

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    worst day for Oscar Germany lost against rank 4 so no hope for CL next season top scorers rank 5 Top passer rank 1 top rating rank 3
    Season 57-untitled.jpg
    CL top 16 1st leg won 3-1 bad my scout injured for 6 days got healed then.....
    Cup quarter 1st leg drew 1-1 home after my scout and 1st passer get injured for 11 days (for the 3rd time in week) after 8 min my best ST and MR and MC who keep scoring in always in my cup games didn't even show them self this game seem they need some Discipline
    Dream of Triple Crown
    All Legend players

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    Win at the start of the second half of the season. It was a very tough game, 4 goals fell from 75 to 90 minutes, but I still came out as the winner. The fight for the 7 position, and achieved its victory against the much stronger team: D
    Season 57-sc20140908-234819.png

    Table, tomorrow against 2nd of the table, in the first game he outclassed me, and tomorrow we do not write well, but we will give our best in tomorrow's match
    Season 57-sc20140908-234802.jpg


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    my Senal CF (was 3rd) today lost 4-2, to 65' was 4-0... opponent (12th) 9Q weaker

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    I'm in Level 3. Has been an Okayish season so far. As usual, got knocked out of Cup in 1st round itself. Somehow I do bump into a higher ranked opponent in cup 1st up everytime. Still fighting on for Champions League & League. Hope to win the League as like the last 2 seasons.

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    Update on the past few days. Fairly busy weekend, didn't get to watch many of the matches.

    League Update:

    Ninjaa FC has played and won 3 more matches since my last post. The scores were 5:0 at home, 7:3 away (only time the team has ever allowed more than 1 goal in a match, while scoring more than 5), and 3:1 away.

    The 7:3 was against the 4th place team in the league, which is a team that has been consistently performing well despite being 3 stars on average quality. The 3:1 was against the 7th place team, which has the 3rd highest average quality in the league.

    CL Update:

    Won 4:0 at home in the 1st leg of the Round of 16, despite not watching the match. The opposing team was about 2 whole stars lower on average quality, and lacked any wingers on the roster before the 1st leg, so I set a 3n-5-2 V for the match, which did well against the narrow diamond chosen by the opposing team.

    Since that match, the opposing manager has acquired a MR and a ML, and appear to be planning to use wide diamond in the next match. Wide diamond is a formation I've struggled against in the past, but there's still a big gap in average quality, so it's unlikely they can overcome the 4 goal difference from the 1st leg.

    Side Note:

    2 of my MCs were injured in back-to-back matches this weekend, and both injuries occurred before the 10 minute mark. The first match, the injured player was subbed out by auto-subs, but I forgot to change the auto-subs for the 2nd match to account for the different lineups (didn't cause too many problems though, as it was still a win). Thankfully, MC is my deepest position, with 5 on the roster, 4 of which are 6 stars, and all but 1 are 20 or younger (I keep finding Nordgen MCs). The one 5 star is only a few skill points from 6 stars, and was the 2nd one injured this weekend. The first injury was to Vincenzo Senese, my highest quality player.

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    Winning 11

    League: Draw 0-0 away game.. still on Top since the 2nd place even lost

    CL: Won 2-0..Quater final reached

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