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Thread: Season 57

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    Ma GIRLZZZZZ won the 3rd League been a level 3 team!!!

    we scored 4 goals of FOUL!! I heared my intuition that said to put Kaya the DL and the DC Bakolas in fouls and... my intuition had reason.

    4 goals of 4 and league title the day 22 of 26 :P

    Season 57-temp-3-cheer-liga-j22.jpg

    Season 57-liga-3-cheer-jor-22.jpg

    Now lets go for the Cup and Campions League :3

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    Oscar Germany strikes again qualified to cup finals and 1st leg CL won 6-0 so its the way to finals (CL final opponent is way stronger then me lets cross finger and hope for the best)
    League not so good still fighting my way to rank 4
    Season 57-untitled.jpg
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    Well after yesterday's unexpected defeat now need concentrate more to finish 2nd,but still possible, Its close to the 5th too, but about that im not worried. Now rest n prepare for tomorrows game vs the 6th,and the 2nd leg of cl, hopefully can maintain my lead after 1st leg to reach the final
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    And yet an other victory! And an important one setting me 1st with 4pts ahead of the second one. My team played superbly. Defense stayed strong and goalkeeper was amazing. Cantareil, my best striker, started things of with a goal on the 3rd minute. Second goal from Smith, very nice!

    Season 57-solid-game.jpg

    Let's continue with tomorrow's match. Last time I played them, we drew, even though I clearly had the upper hand, it was weird. Hope it goes better this time!

    Season 57-nextmatch.jpg

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    Academy FC won their league match at Caja FC yesterday afternoon, 4-1. An early injury to DMC Tholen didn't slow down AFC, as Martins and Lorenz both scored twice. Caja scored a consolation goal in the 62nd minute, but there was too much to overcome.

    Later in the day, AFC hosted (Team Unknown). AFC conceded an early goal (2'), but equalized on a free-kick in the 4th minute. The opponent's MC was red carded in the 9th minute (second yellow; first gave AFC the free-kick they scored on). AFC was able to capitalize on the man advantage when Niyokindi scored his second goal of the game in the 22nd minute . . . but the opponent equalized before half. After three second half subs, AFC was able to take the lead for good in the 78th minute.

    The two league wins move AFC all the way up to 2nd place; they are 3 points behind 1st, one point ahead of 3rd, 2 points ahead of 4th, and 5 points clear of 5th. All teams are even on matches played. AFC plays 8th (27.5*), 9th (23.7*), 10th (24.1*), and 3rd (32.7*) in the remaining fixtures. First place Onimod FC plays 14th, 12th, 6th, and 4th in their remaining fixtures. Could be a close race!
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    League: 3-0 win against the 2nd. 9 points ahead of the 2nd and 10 points ahead of the 3rd, tomorrow I'm playing against a weak abandoned team. It's safe to say that I got my 9th consecutive title!

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    League: Buffs had one crazy home game against the leaders tonight. Engine trolled Buffs then Buffs trolled the opponent then the trolls trolled the trolls and everyone had a love-in on the centre spot as Buffs run out 3-2 victors.

    So let's get the Admin out of the way. The visitors swaggered onto the pitch in a ND. With the Buffs minus their key midfielder they went for midfield strength and defiantly formed into 4-1-3N-2.


    How can I describe the start of the match.

    Buffs have 3 good chances in the first 5 minutes but squander them. "Nevermind, we're doing well, we'll get more" thought Buffs Mad. Up the other end on 5 mins Gemmell tugs a shirt and is booked - FK to the visitors and McGregor saves. Corner and McGergor tips header over the bar. Corner and defence clears. Counterattack by the visitors and a shot is deflected for a corner. Its the 9th min and cross comes in and MC Murdoch pushes in the box > yellow card, penalty kick, visitors score = 1-0 down 16th minute Buffs MC Murdoch fouls on the edge of the box, second yellow and he's off. FK, McGregor saves. So down to 10 men abd Buffs Mad decides to stay in the 4-1-2-2 and prays for the 10 man boost........


    • 32nd min McCoist counterattacks and scores with a solo run through the middle = all square.


    • 37th minute McCoist plays a neat 1-2 on the edge of the box then fires home = 2-1 to the Buffs.

    Half time comes and goes with Buffs Mad too stunned to do anything.


    • On 67 minutes McCoist is felled on the left and gets up to take the FK. Gemmell nods it home. 3-1 to the 10 men Buffs.

    Buffs Mad at last blinked and whispered to Assistant Coach, Otto Teem "Just who's trolling who here?"

    The visitors then switch to 4-1-2N-3 on 73 minutes. Buffs Mad says "Feck it, lets lay our hopes at the feet of the Gods." And the Gods then duly take the legs from the visiting DMC and he's stretchered off. On 85 mins they got a sub on but we've no idea where he played because it was a flurry of activity as the Buffs squeezed the visitors and applied the pressure. Then the visitors counter attack again, and then the Thugs, I mean the Buffs upended the attacker and McNeill went in the book. As everyone looked around the linesman flagged - Penalty! Bloody hell - 3-2 to the Buffs. After the restart......the ref blew. *phew*

    Stupid game. Stupid Engine. Stupid win that takes us top. \o/ Stupid Bliss. Stupid Buffs Mad. Stupid Genius.

    Goals: McCoist (32, 37), Gemmell (67).
    Bookings: Gemmell (5), Murdoch (9 + 16 = OFF), McNeill (89).

    The Buffs now have 2 players suspended for tomorrows league match and 6 players on 1 yellow. O.o

    After the match Buffs Mad said "I is troll."
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    A late Galactico FC Update:

    League: Todays league match features 2nd placed Galactico FC pitched against Tariq FC (4th in the league) at home in another so called (6 more Cup finals match to show the importance of the games in the run-up to the title) maximum points is required as the Galacticos slipped to 3rd at the time of the game as both 1st and 3rd won their respective games (Sigh, looks like I got to do this the hard way).

    The Galacticos manager knew it was an important game to pick up maximum points against a difficult opponent which they drew 1-1 with earlier in the season. The Galacticos lined up 4-5-1V against the opponent 4-3N-1-2 with man to man marking as the game kicked off with the Galacticos in possession.

    Possession swiftly turned into goals as the Galacticos scored two goals in short succession to go up 2-0 before HT. The Galacticos made it 3-0 during the second half and the game reached its conclusion with a much expected but delighted 3 points with the MEGA match against 1st tomorrow.

    You think that game against 8th was the revenge the manager wanted? Oh no, THIS IS IT! The one I was looking forward to all that time ago since I lost at home 2-0 against the leader (Two fingerz) REVENGE TIME!

    Goals: ST Meftouh 20' 29' | AMR Bouwmans 54'
    Highlights: MC Enasoaie - Yellow card 80'

    Cup: The Galacticos look to reach their 2nd ever cup final with a match against powerful opponent FK Sport machine, but with the Galacticos holding a 2-0 advantage first leg. The manager knew an away goal would settle this tie depending on how the Galacticos would defend. Opponent lined up with a ND and so the 4-1-3N-2 was deployed as it is so effective against the ND (As Buffs FC also proved against the leader in his league) and the Galacticos also leaked out the plan to his fans that the 4-1-3N-2 will also be deployed against the leader tomorrow if they stick with the ND as they have done all season long.

    The game got off to a tight start as the opponent and myself had two friends supporting our matches but the opponent gained the possession upper hand throughout the first 20 mins, the Galacticos repelled their attack and tried to make things happen and dirty tactics by the opponent brought out a few fouls, however it was the opponent who went through on goal and luckily their player missed a on goal chance much to the relief of the Galacticos manager. However, they went on through again and took the lead going into half time to unsettle the Galacticos and their manager, tactical changes were made during half-time, with zonal marking being instructed to the Galacticos players as opposed to the man on man they were working with previously, the tactical changes made by the Galacticos manager has been quite successful lately (Maybe shows the genius of this manager ;D idk lol) as they hit back with two goals by Lier in the space of 15 mins to settle the tie. The opponent went through changes to match the Galacticos 4-1-3N-2 formation after conceding an equalizer, but they then conceded again in this formation and the opposition manager decided to revert back to the ND with absolutely no answer to the Galacticos defence spearheaded by DC Fondyke but made no subs during this change (Weird huh?) and the Galacticos held on to a remarkable victory and a place in the cup final.

    Goals: Lier 61' 76'
    Highlights: Kosmala first game return from injury (Appearance as sub 73')

    The opponent in the way between the Galacticos and cup glory is this Polish girl team who the Galacticos manager correctly identified in the beginning of this cup competition as the team they wanted to avoid. The opposition somehow managed to reach the final even though they always seem to lose the first leg and then get through with a result on the 2nd leg. The Galacticos manager feels like they will be destined to win this trophy but as always, they will give it their all.

    Now the Galacticos have set their sights on two matches tomorrow (League against 1st and CL semi-final poised at 1-1 all to play for)

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    Champione champione without playing today πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ nr 2&3 lose so they can only come at Same points what never happen also if that happen my goals ahead is too much i think ☺️

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    Palaiseau FC qualified for champion league final, it was the 7th final of the club and the 1st time after 6 seasons. we have never lost a champion league final. hope for this one was the same as the 6 precedent although the opponent is far better than us
    Palaiseau FC in Sever 46
    season 28, level 28

    competition Played 1st 2nd top4 last win current season(*)
    League 28 19 6 2 season 27 .....
    Champions league 26 7 1 6 season 25 ........
    Cup 26 2 2 3 season 7 .......
    (*) updated at 1-June-2015

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