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Thread: Season 57

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    Oscar Germany had started his day with 3-0 win in league not big opponent but I had Cup finals 1st time all morals high all players at best condition(used all low Q to do the league match earlier)
    Last time I checked I had slight advantage on him yesterday I see he closed the gap with new 5 star players I say to my self this guy is serious need to attended so I did and thanks for the only manger who cheered me so game started with my 4-5-1V def down the flanks counter on he used 4-1-3w-2 game started with shacking hart as he attacked three times and missed then my scout ST Martinez dribble 1st 2nd 3rd will he shoot no he pass it to jafari and gooooool
    Game go on happiness didn't last long he scored back at 29min 1st half finished with various attempts min 50 got yellow card here goes the red pack silly me thinking of packs in final desperate measures were taken DMC go blue DL/R go red, Martinez responded to his manger run by the line and cross with all heads flying high AML Bessa fly higher and header and gooooool not much time given for wounded opponent 6 min later at 72' one two Martinez and pass for DC testreot and gooool game went smooth with cupel attempts and failed referee blow the whistle ending an epic game and cup winner big thanks for ST Martinez who assisted three goals and solid GK Gorrissen who made 3 save during this hard match cup have been won but no time to rest CL with butter and stronger opponent will it be double or solo....
    Season 57-imageuploadedbytapatalk1411061149.084099.jpg
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    Academy FC played at Capella FC yesterday at 1:31 AM local time AFC took the lead just before half with newly signed AML Hesse. CFC equalized after half in the 57th minute and the matched ended 1-1. Because AFC won the home leg 2-0, they advance to play at Franco FC Genoa (24.1*) in the CL Final. The final will be played Friday morning at 2:54 local time

    Yesterday, AFC (2nd place, 31.8*) played at *unknown team* (8th place, 27.6*) in the morning. A 7th minute goal from Niyokindi put AFC up 1-0. Shortly after half G Muller equalized for *unknown team*. After subbing Niyokindi off due to fatigue, his replacement (Martins, who is 2nd in assists in the league) assited D Ferreri to put AFC up 2-1 in the 75th minute. A late red card from T Lacrois of *unknown team* gave AFC a PK (which was missed) and the match ended 2-1.

    Later that evening, AFC hosted Jerung FC (9th place, 23.7*). A yellow card for JFC's Uhlik in the 15th minute, gave Niyokinda a free-kick which he capitalized on. Shortly after half, JFC's Frey received a red card and the PK was converted this time, giving AFC a 2-0 lead. AFC found the back of the net one last time in the 66th minute, and the match ended 3-0.

    These results have AFC solely in 2nd place, 3 points behind first. Third place is 2 points back, fourth is 4 points back, and 5th/6th are 5 points back. 7th place is 10 points back, guaranteeing a 6th (or better) finish for AFC. Matches remaining are 11th place Mumbai Indians (this evening) and 4th place Zaraki FC tomorrow evening. Due to the timing of the CL final, the match this evening will be played by subs and reserves.
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    Since I've clinched my League and out of any finals I'm really bored, so.

    Best wishing again and GOOD LUCK on the upcoming finals and league races.
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    In football it is better to be Lucky than Good.

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    And the fate of the league was sealed. One goal is all it took...
    Also CANTAREIL HAVE MY BABIES. The unstoppable force unleashed its power and gave me the win. My defence was on top in that very close match. Attemps on both sides. His defence played very well but he got unlucky. And as usual, missed attempts...

    Season 57-screenshot012.jpg

    I don't even care about the two next matches. Gonna play 4-4-2 and leave it like that.

    Season 57-screenshot013.jpg
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    Galactico FC update:

    Cup FINAL: The Galacticos 2nd all time appearance in the cup final was here! Played at a great neutral venue that was packed with fans all over from both sides who made great noise and atmosphere for the entire match, this is football with two teams fighting for the coveted trophy!

    Many thanks for those who wished the best of luck for the Galacticos in the finals, as they pumped themselves up and given them great morale encouragement for their upcoming match.

    The Galacticos emerged from the tunnel in vibrant mood, soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying the moment. The manager emerged afterwards and went to the dugout to shake the opponents managers hand and then took his seat. The Galacticos lined up with their favoured 4-5-1V with focus passing down both flanks and instructing their wingers to bomb forward down their flanks, the opponent lined up 3N-4-1-2 so their flanks were exposed; so the Galacticos were trying to exploit their weakness. There were a couple of Galacticos manager fans (2 who supported him) but the opponent was present and had 4 supporters which brought a +4% possession bonus in her favour. The Galacticos will have their work cut out in order to win.

    As the game kicked off the game was one of the tightest game for the Galacticos this season, the possession was fought, tackles were flying in and a bit of argie bargie going on with physical presence from both sides, the Galacticos huffed and puffed but no goals were scored by either side going into half-time poised at an awesome 0-0 with both sides having chances but both defence held firm.

    As half-time approached the Galacticos manager quickly went off the game to talk to his friend to ask why he wasn't watching the match (As he had promised he would) and as he tried to log back in the game had to re-boot and so the time was wasted as the game took a while to load but eventually the Galacticos manager got back into the game (A bit late) but found his team 1-0 up straight at the start of the 2nd half! The manager had missed a goal scored by his own team in a cup final; but nevertheless better than being 1-0 down!

    A quick glance in the comments and highlights showed that the goal was scored straight after the opponent made 2 subs at the start of the 2nd half.. Which proved a point in a thread as to why making subs make you concede goals, but this is exactly what happened to my opponent here! AML Bouwmans scored the goal assisted by MC Enasoaie on the 46 minute to give the Galacticos the lead. After this another tight period where both teams struggled to make an influence but with the Galacticos being 1-0 up made them more comfortable than the opponent. More chances came for both sides but neither could score anymore and eventually.. The Galacticos made history to win the Cup with the final score of 1-0 to seal a great victory! The manager ran towards the pitch and the players jumped for joy as the Galacticos win their 2nd cup trophy in their history and hopefully many more to come.

    'This is unreal' the Galacticos manager said after the game 'But we must move on quickly tomorrow for another cup final' as the Galacticos did a lap of honour and quickly ushered back into the dressing room. It was a great win as the Galacticos won the cup that is 3 levels above their manager level and hopefully tomorrow will be the same

    Goals: AML Bouwmans 46'

    League: The newly cup winners Galactico FC were not hang over from their earlier cup win as they played a 3-0 win at a league match to keep the title race spiced up poised between three teams with Two Fingerz on 63 points and the Galacticos and Rabbs FC on 62 points with 2 games left to play. The Galacticos has still yet to play Rabbs FC on the final game of the season, which would maybe guarantee the league title for Two Fingerz due to their outstanding start of their league campaign (Thanks tanking system!)

    3 Goals in the first half settled the tie as the Galacticos were maybe hangover from their earlier match and wouldn't want to score anymore against the team in 11th place. Subs were made in the second half to prevent injuries to key players, despite their disappointment at being removed from the game the Galacticos manager said to them 'Would you want to miss the CL final instead?' and they shut up.

    Goals: MC Kosmala 17' | ST Lier 26' | MC Enasoaie 41'

    Edit: Sorry to hear about your cup defeat khris, CL for Peter Renn and Davy Gravy
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    Quote Originally Posted by Philip L. Willis View Post
    Since I've clinched my League and out of any finals I'm really bored, so.

    Best wishing again and GOOD LUCK on the upcoming finals and league races.
    Lol, im out of both cups as well but fighting for 2nd or 3rd.. 1st is way ahead (token buyer)!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Dang View Post
    Tuan dm fc (level 10)

    league: Tight..still at 4th place...

    Cl: Lost in semi-final in penalties shoot-out...
    Unlucky in the CL bro... With you in the league (4th) and its very tight!

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    Champions League: Buffs FC were thrashed 5-1 in the 2nd leg of their CL Semi.

    Having been behind 2-1 from the first leg Buffs Mad was determined to try to stay in the tie and have a go.

    Again Buffs Mad sent out his boys in a Defensive Counterattacking 4-5-1V against the opposition 4-3W-1-2 - partly due to 'philosophy and belief' and partly due to suspension and injury.

    The Buffs went 2 behind in the first 21 mins but tried to stay in contention. A slight modificatio in orders was made after 30 mins. The Buffs pulled one back at the start of the second half and further changes were made. When it went to 3-1 down on the 66th min radical changes were called for to go 'All-in', although they went a further goal behind before the sub got on. Alas it was a futile gesture and the opposition closed out a convincing win with a 5th in 88 mins.

    Buffs Mad said after wards "The score reflected a resoundind defeat but I remain proud of my lads in fighting all the way against a higher quality opponent."

    Note: Formation shifts included from 4-5-1V to 4-1-4-1 to 4-4-1-1 at various points as the Buffs chased the game.

    Goals For: Baxter (49).

    League: Buffs FC followed up their CL heartache with a 4-0 home win in the league.

    The Buffs went ND against the opposition 3N-2W(DM)-2N-1-2.

    Goals: Bremner (36), Law (56), McCoist (59), Johnstone (78).

    The Buffs remain 2pts behind with 2 to go and can only wait for any slip. (But will go into the next match with another suspension.)

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    even though i`m promoted i`m not going to make it easy as i have say in who get`s 7th place and drew with 7th 1-1 to move them to 8th now i have 7th tomorrow so guessing 8th will be supporting me and for the 1st time this season i had player sent off for second booking in the early part of the 2nd half while 1-0 down
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    the tank is complete with a game to spare, the cup was won by level 30 ( we are level 25)
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