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Thread: The Top Highest Skills (yeah, skill per skill) (=^.^=)

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    I don't think there is any change in training until player get 5th star, but there is change after 5th star, slower 10% max, not 1/3 as u said... Maybe its 10% more after player get 6th star, but I don't have any scout to confirm that

    Btw, if u use hard training, it does nothing better than normal training. Hard training only doubles skill progress for double amount of condition, but chances of injury are greater than in normal training. Hard training only reduces time... You may click practice match once in hard training, or click once in normal and wait an hour to click it once more...

    And yes, one more thing... there is no difference between normal cardio training and hard stretching training... u get the same range of skill progress and use the same range of condition (6-8)...
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    The Top Highest Skills (yeah, skill per skill) (=^.^=)

    Is doesnt matter if you assign skill points immediatle or later THE grow stay THE Same as i found out with my legends i have build

    Also they count so you can have a 5* And when he has 150 skill points to assign he perform in a match as what he is begin 7*

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    Nice talking guys.
    I would like to invite in my to see my new ( I believe interest) post about a player 3*and 5* .

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    Quote Originally Posted by nikolgiorgos View Post
    Hey Buff Man, I 'm not sure about that. I 'm searching the thing as you can see in my thread . In my case with a player, KAKA, in my post LV3-p1 , you can see that with unsigned skill points the value and the wage of the player are different. Why in this case the engine doesn't count the unsigned sk. points ?
    The training rate still goes down when enough skill points are accumulated to reach next star, from my observations. For a fast trainer from 4*-5* is between 20-25% drop (not typed up the rest of the data yet). You only see the drop in actual sp gain over a longer period because the gains are so variable but it occurs whether assigned or not.

    Market Value is ofc related to training rate but you need to remember it is MARKET value and the market does not recognise unassigned points.

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