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Thread: training after a match

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    Quote Originally Posted by nikolgiorgos View Post
    this isn't a hidden value.
    If you read those guides and by experience, you can detect a fast trainer before you buy him.
    I've mentioned that as "growth factor" if you cared to read my post. Growth factor is fixed, the only way to change that is to replace the player which is a moot point, that's why I don't talk about it. Train factor on the other hand will change depend on your commands on the player.

    And no, you can't detect a fast trainer at the higher levels unless you train him, as player value appears to be capped at 106m.

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    Ok, let's say that we disagree. There is no reason that we must have the same opinion with everyone.

    My answers are focus on the guy who's asking and he is lv3.
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