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Thread: Season 8 fixes

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    Season 8 fixes

    How can any weak team beat a stronger team ???

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    Usually they score more goals than you , not very helpful I know but true ! If you find the answer let us all know lol and good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevicarrigan View Post
    How can any weak team beat a stronger team ???
    How would they frustrate you to the point you consider buying scoutrs?

    And how would they motivate managers who don't really care for the game?

    Win-win situation for them.

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    deleted/ wrong thread
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    Why you all expect to always win against weak teams and lose to stronger teams ? uhhhh.. this isnt math, this is topeleven.
    You would prefer if games were decided only on Quality of starting 11? then whats the point of playing ?
    You won't get an answer and i don't expect you to answer my questions aswell..Just think about it and keep it for yourself kkbyethx.

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    1. Weaker team scored more goals
    2. Stronger team didn't score enough
    3. Weaker team's goalkeeper saved shots
    4. Weaker team's defenders threw their body to block shots
    5. Stronger team jst had a T11 off day

    As someone had rightly said, if this was a chase to be the team that has the highest quality player and this was really the secret of winning T11, then Nordeus would make more money than they do atm. Everyone would be rushing to buy tokens and fill their team with the highest quality players, after all 49 > 48.9.

    But it is not purely about 49 being bigger than 48.9. And yes Nordeus do program some ****ty logic to "push" or "urge" you and I to spend money, but that is expected as this is a business. However, I do believe there will be troll result or results jst to 1) Make it competitive and 2) execute desired "push".

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