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Thread: losing 2-8 against an equal team...

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    losing 2-8 against an equal team...

    first game this season in the cup...losing 2-8 against a team (2 stars worse me).

    i got 120, he got 117,5.

    starting 11, we are equal.

    i play 4-4-2, he played 4-3N-2W-1
    i understand that i can lose against a team, but 2-8 at home? without a red card, an injured player or what ever...

    seems very strange.

    anyone got same issues or problems this season?
    xyphrox SC

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    U had one player who scored 6 or worst. The rest rated 7-8, am I right?
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    First of all his formation counter yours (AMR+AML is a soft counter against vanilla 442)

    Second you probably lost chance due to the rock-paper-scissors effect of team mentality combination (basically Defense>Attack>Normal>Defense).

    Third your GK and some MCs and DCs must have gotten very bad form (below 6), it takes quite some experience to prevent this.

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    i know that 4-5-1 V is the counter to 4-4-2
    and i switched ingame to 3W-5-2V
    Moral is everytime @ 100.

    and its ok to lose a game, but 2-8?
    come on

    thats the strange thing...
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    xyphrox SC

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    Formations and counter-formations are an urban myth by the way.

    They don't really work.
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