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Thread: Transfer question

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    Question Transfer question

    Hello everyone.

    It seems maybe i have understood the concept of bidding wrong.

    As far as i know, the first 3 from the initial round bidders are the ones who go to the next round...right? i guess so.

    So I decided to be all the first 3 persons myself by biding 3 times and i occupied all 3 slots and entered the next round. Shouldnt this be enough to win the auction? cuz i outbid the rest out of the initial round ?

    suddenly at the last moment someone outbids me and wins the auction. how come?


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    You are correct when you state that you have the concept of bidding wrong.

    You only need to bid once each round.

    You win the auction when you are the only person who placed a bid when the last round ends.

    Multiple bids per round will waste tokens and drive up the price of the player.
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    A bid in a round is the ticket to go to the next round.

    You take a seat in the bus (a Round) and other ppl may come in the bus for the ride.

    Then you wait for the next bus (next Round) and decide to go in and sit in it.

    Once you are the only one in the bus (Round x), you win.
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    Is that you stay expecting to close the auction and that player outbid at the last moment so he went to the next round (single) and obviously win the auction. Regards.

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    Only 3 bids can be displayed on screen but more than 3 can advance to the next round.

    See above for the rest.

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    as above you can 10 bidder`s initially they ALL go into next round and say only 5 bidder`s next round then they all go to next round so NO NEED too use 3 tokens maybe in later stages to scare of other bidder but i see this as a waste
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    this happens a lot at lower levels as they do not know how to bid
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