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Thread: Why the **** players get bad in half season without reason ??????

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    some players can only do his works in the 1st half of the season. you need to prepare his remplacement, play friendly each day to see if someone have a problem
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    its not as complicated as any of the mentioned reasons. its just a Nordeus attempt at getting players to spend. Making you react to a 'slump' in form by buying a 50T scout and throwing the teams in 2nd, 3rd and 4th place a glimmer of hope so they spend too.

    my team have struggled since exactly mid season too. 2 defeats in 3. first half of season undefeated. won 2-1 today at home to a team I beat 5-0 away. needed an injury time winner too.

    players don't have 'problems' and playing friendlies wont find them
    'players' are simply code in a pretty basic program.
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    this im doing & yet from second place i suddenly lost 3 matches on trot against oppponents in which i have defeated in the first round & from the team with the best defense(least of allowed goals) now all of the sudden my team does not know how to defend & score (i have the best differential) ithink this is really a big SCAM....

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    This has been discussed in length. Probably lost under a pile of threads.

    There is this thing some of us managers believe which is pre-programmed in the players. They will have a slump of form. It is a cycle. Every player and every team will go thru this cycle, some have it early season and as the season progresses the team gets better. Some at the end and some mid season. There are some very exceptional players who will guarantee you at least a 7 rating performance for many seasons.

    Some managers ride the bad run by a player as long as the rest of the players compensate his loss of form. Some unlucky ones will have a group of players going thru the bad run at the same time and there is where u need to decide to bring in a new player or jst grit ur teeth and hope for a top 4 finish.

    Also, sometimes a slight change of formation will help, especially with dual role players. I started this season with a Maple Leave formation and I cudnt get a decent run. However, I switched to Hexagon after 6 matches using the same set of players and I am currently unbeaten. My players with the poor form suddenly goes on a good run with the switch from AMC to AMR, ML to AML, DMC to DC.

    Free games will find ways to try to make you spend money, it's part of the business model. Either u do or u don't. Else how are they to sustain supporting the game.
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    Most of the T11 players cannot forever maintain good form. This is similar to real world players. For player starting poor performing, I always suggest sit out players for a few games and monitor their performances in friendly matches.

    I think some uncertainties make the game interesting. In fact, I would like the players' qualities also vary for aging and injuries. But this should be objected by those investing to power train their players.

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