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Thread: Season 63 - Week 4

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    Replaced 6 starters by the time my game ran. 5 of them are 18-19 yr old fast trainers with one older player until I can find another.

    I faced a team 2 lvls above me and is in the Champions League.

    72% possession. 2.5/1 ratio on shots, 4/1 on target, 3/1 corners, no cautions while drawing 3 including a penalty.

    Even with an early injury forcing me to play a ST at LW due to the change tactics button not working it was a 4-0 win for Chelsea USA on the road.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ADHisham View Post
    first season
    how do you guys have 400mil plus wow
    On my level that buys 3 players with a little change leftover.

    Quote Originally Posted by salvatore dimmarzio View Post
    What happening in my team?
    Are these, indicated that I am and the team, truly promoted to the next level (next league)?
    If there wasn't enough of the same level managers for the draw to be even, managers from the level below in 8th spot are added. In higher levels this happens more often but it can happen whenever there isn't enough to make the last League of a level (and can even be lower placed if high q team)

    Cup started well for BvB:

    Season 63 - Week 4-temp1.jpg
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    What have you learned from last season? IDK

    Where did you place last season? 1st place (league), 2nd place (champions league)

    What's your current level? 9
    What's your budget for this season? 481 tokens + 25.7 mil
    Who do you want to replace? MC, ST, DEFENSE
    What are your goals for this season? Don't make the CL group stages so difficult this time around! Finish top 4 in the league and don't get eliminated in the 1st round of the cup again.

    Cup: Won first leg 4-1. The overall draw has several strong teams from my level, however my overall quality was low enough to not get paired with the prolific token buyers. Among the familiar faces is the team that eliminated us from the champions league in level 5. It would be nice to a get a rematch!!! We almost got our rematch in the cup finals 3 season ago, but they were upset in the round of 16, but the team we faced in the finals that season.

    Champions: It's going to be tough, real tough; probably more difficult to win than the cup: The most prolific token buyer on the server at my level is in Group D.
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    Start Kupa 3 1

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    Davy Gravy Teams Season 63

    S16L16 - An average squad of 18 with 7x5* & 11x4* playing variations on 3-5-1-1 (only can play 3 at back cause GK rates an 8). A full 5* team is required by mid season.
    S11L11 - A good squad of 19 with a full 5* team playing variations on 4-3-3. Team has large budget and expect 6x6* during season.
    S6L6 - A small very good squad of 15 with 1x6* and the rest 5* playing variations on 4-4-2. This was the team that was dubbed 'scoutgate' during S5 of OMA V1 as it had 10 scouts. I expect at least 6 scouts out of this team.

    Expectations is as always 5 trophies (for the cabinet) from the 3 teams.
    Although this season onwards CL qualification will be the minimum to keep a team in the stable.
    So if any of them come 5th or worse you can see (buy) them for Season 64.

    Hope you all have a great season.
    3 Teams - mid 40's, 40 & 40.
    1. CL position every team, every season
    2. Assn in Gold 1 or Platinum

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    New season..1/3 out of cup
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    Easy in Cup

    Season 63 - Week 4-screenshot_2.png

    Second leg

    Season 63 - Week 4-screenshot_1.jpg

    Unlock new Achievement

    Season 63 - Week 4-screenshot_3.jpg

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    This game is so random, it is almost unbelivable.

    My main team was all season between 9th to 6th,sudently end in 4th place, and no i didnt use any win bonus and i dont use a moral pack in 2 seasons, so almost all the players have red moral or yellow.

    My 3 stars team started the season always in top4, sudently after the upgrade, all the skills were aplyed, and i end with a team between 3 and 5 stars and start loosing games and end in 11th, same thing here no win bonus and no moral boosters.

    So i didnt learn anything with this game last season!
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    Season 63 - Week 4-butd7.png

    Season 63 - Week 4-6.png

    Left winger Brian Black scored 100th goal for Bgd Utd, the most in club's history
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    thru in cup 4-2 on agg
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