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Thread: Some players have no honour

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    finishing this story ...
    I WON THE LEAGUE CUP and my "friend" came second

    He was there in the last game, supporting my oppo, against 9 friends of mine, but it wasn't enough.

    Some players have no honour-friend-against-9-final.jpg

    so, he lost his serial of winning & undefeated, the league, and a "friend" that could support him a lot in the continue of the game
    (and the chance to win the next league, because I 'm going tanking).
    too bad
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    No point getting upset imo. Its part of competition... if my "friend" were way below me I might support them, but if they are competing with me for first, it is within the confines of friendly competition to support their opponent.

    The friend list for me is strictly to schedule friendlies and receive a few gifts and maybe get some support here or there. Mostly I want gifts and friendlies though. I can generate about 100 rest packs, 200 morals and 60 injury packs in a season that way. plus the 28 gifts of each. Nearly enough skill points for 2/5 star.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buffs Mad View Post
    Is it really a matter of honour

    Is it? is there really any honour in this game? supporting really does nothing. I have seen the total possession not really change anything. You have an illegal formation and 20% possession but the other manager is not there and you have a full house with +15% possession. Nordeus has never really explained how it works, but one could assume that that +15% should bring you more than the 20% possession.

    not to mention that I win the important games by not showing up and not supporting.

    Support is over-rated and not really worthy of mentioning honour.

    if there was honour in this game, you would not be able to improve your team by buying tokens.

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