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Thread: Defense

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    Question about defense tactics.

    I have good players in defense, my 2 DC have note 8-7-9 etc.. dr and dl always 7-7-7 etc...
    but i'm always take a lot of goal! i'm 11th defense in my league!!
    i played 4-3-3, now 5-3-2 but always this problem.... so what do you do for havinf good defense ?
    how do you ajust tactics with pressing, play offside, etc etc ???

    thanks you

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    practice your back line and train them together. set them up successfully and reap the benefits. Let your instincts guide u.

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    It seems your goalie is Swiss cheese then lol

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    My 4 last matches i take 3 goals!!!
    My defensive players have note 8-8-7-7 and goalkeapper 7!!! What's the problem ? Who can help me for i take less goal ???
    What s your choices in defensive attributs??? (Offside, tackles, pressing etc...)

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    Ok, I 'll give you some tips
    - I always start with defense (and counter attacks) mentality even if I have much better quality from my oppo. Defense in t11 has a different meaning than real football.
    - I use different formation, depending from the system my oppo use to play
    -Always have at least 1 more defender than the oppo has strikers (if he only has 1ST you can have 3W good defenders - if he has AML &AMR)
    -Always play a DMC if the oppo has an AMC
    -If I have better defenders I play man to man. If oppo has 3 ST but lesser q , I can use 2 good DC , playing zone (but use extra DMC with blue arrow).
    - DMC is a very useful tool. Even if he has usually medium rates and you don't see a lot his name in comments, he is doing great job, cutting oppo counter attacks and helping the MC too.
    - I set blue arrows in 2DC - against my oppo STs.
    - One good DC can make the difference. Playing sometimes with a 4-1-2-1-2 (narrow diamond) a good DC of my oppo stopped my two good ST and AMC (playing zone I suppose). I was reading his name all the time and after the match he had 8 or 9 and MoM.
    - Don't change many times (during the match) formation - it's not basket ball (2-3, max 4 for emergency).
    - I don't know if and how the offside is working. Maybe if you go attacking, oppo has 2-3 ST and your Def. have better M&P skill.
    - I don't know either how hard tackling is working. Some mgrs saying that doesn't affect the cards or injuries (specially if your players are better than oppo) but I don't want to risk that. (specially in CH.L. or Cup).
    -Pressing whole pitch is working if your oppo playing def. (meaning, has more players in his side), your are behind in scoring and you want to attack and reverse the score. Don't use it in normal or before the brake. You 're loosing much condition.
    - There isn't a magic/undefeated formation. Every time must find the counter formation. Search the formation/tactics section. There are many useful threads for almost everyone oppo formation.
    - Even if you find the right one formation, nothing is sure because it's depends from yours or oppo players form or about that day, how the program will react.
    - Think of it as the game rock- paper- scissors . Even if you have the powerful rock, the paper is coming and wraps you.
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