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Thread: Season 66 - Week 4

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    Mini update my end.

    Rhondda Rovers main team went up against Dogan away with a 1-0 lead from the first leg. I was unable to watch the match due to work and unfortunately, we paid the price as we lost 3-1, meaning we are now out of the Cup after losing 3-2 on aggregate. Disappointing, but I was very unlikely to win the Cup due to a team with a 7* overall squad rating that boasted a couple of 8* players.

    Season 66 - Week 4-screenshot_2015-05-20-19-38-25.jpg

    In the League, the reserves came up against Donatorii at home and won convincingly with a 6-0 win and an 80/20 possession count (starting to have a few of these recently).

    Season 66 - Week 4-screenshot_2015-05-20-19-38-43.jpg

    This leaves us still top with an unbeaten record at present.

    Lastly, in a final bit of late transfer activity, Rhondda Rovers managed to pull off four signings early this morning, a DL/DC, a DC/DMC, a MC and a ST. All were bought for 1T each.

    Season 66 - Week 4-screenshot_2015-05-20-19-37-26.jpg

    Season 66 - Week 4-screenshot_2015-05-20-19-37-37.jpg

    Season 66 - Week 4-screenshot_2015-05-20-19-38-01.jpg

    Season 66 - Week 4-screenshot_2015-05-20-19-38-12.jpg

    These players replaced 22yo DC Adam Allman, 22yo DL/DC Carlos Del Portillo, 22yo MC Cristian Lubo and 21yo ST Johannes Haberkorn. All players leave with Rhondda Rovers best wishes after being crucial players in previous seasons.

    Now my strikeforce consists of Chikin, Hotz and Sweet. There's a link somewhere.
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    CUP MARCHING in bo8!

    1st match: was Narrow diamond vs hex
    -had +15% poss from my friends+ full stadium, he wasnt there

    2nd match: did a bold move, switched to 4-3-2-1... (middle, short, first leg attacking, second leg def+counter)
    -had 2 friends with me, HE WAS there + full stadium

    Season 66 - Week 4-4thkupa8.jpg

    and YES! he unlocked the "bad day" achi if he didnt do dat before

    and today was no injury!

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    Finally broke the 6B total, which was one of the aims I set out for myself at the start of the season.

    5 way shoot out in the league and still in the CL, but other than that I'm now looking forward to the next season.

    Still trying to get rid of some of my deadwood, but not finding any buyers at the moment. My intention is to not bring in anyone until I have got rid of ALL my un-needed players - and if it ends up that I have to wait until the end of next season to do that, well I still think my team will be strong enough to promote again without new blood.

    Farming for Tokens is all but over in the UK, so hardly any growth at all in the Token front this season. I've put around an extra 200 onto my total when it has been available, so will still start next season with more tokens than I've ever had.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kynan View Post
    Finally broke the 6B total, which was one of the aims I set out for myself at the start of the season.
    You should share some of all your moneys, I sure could use some. You can get some SA youngsters in return

    And this has nothing to do with envy Nothing I tell you
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    League: Buffs FC welcome the 3rd place side to Abbey Park - who we lost to in last season's Cup SF - and sent them to 5th with a 4-0 win. Its was more effective than spectacular,

    Young striker Jack Harper returned to the starting line up and banged in 2 1st half goals. Goals from each wing came either end of the 2nd half but Harper proved a bit wasteful in between - thats 6 games now he's failed to add to his 11 MoMs. I don't think his form issue is solved yet. >.< DC Andrew Robertson was making a strong claim for MoM but Baxter nicked it with his goal at the death.

    The Buffs move third but will need to keep banging them in if they are to catch 2nd. Lets hope its "Steady the Buffs" until Round 22 when they start a 3 game stint v 1st, 2nd then 4th.

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    26yo striker Mario Gomez today with his goal 400 for the club! To be continued:-)

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    League: Netherlands (1st) vs. Cuneyt FC (4th)! Despite being in 4th, it was this Cuneyt FC squad that won the league over us two seasons ago, so we know they're capable of winning this match.

    Game started in spectacular fashion as an OZ yellow card, resulted in Robben rifling home a rocket for a 1st minute advantage. We added a 27th minute goal for a 2:0 advantage. Things looked bleak for Cuneyt FC, trailing by a pair early against the reigning CL winner. However, Cuneyt would quickly remind the crowd, that it was them that denied us the league title two seasons ago, by swiftly pulling one back in the 35th minute.

    Whatever Cuneyt's manager said in the half-time pep talk worked, as they emerged from the intermission a reenergized squad. They would create multiple opportunities before pulling even in the 61st minute. Things escalated as Cuneyt picked up their 3rd yellow card of the match in the 73rd minute; a fact the Netherlands manager wasn't happy about. Fearing a potential injury due to the oppositions rough play, the Netherlands sideline motioned the official for a red, but to no avail. Things remained deadlocked for the next quarter-hour as Renk would snatch the game-winner from the jaws of the draw.

    This victory, sees us (15-0-1) retain our 10 point advantage atop the league and extends our advantage over 5th to 18 points.

    MotM, again goes to Robben; his 15th in 25 matches.

    Next up: Champions League QTR's, immediately after daily reset.
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    So I just want to brag about my DC and Captain. He was an original Nordgen and he came with the defensive wall SA. And at the age of 22 his training hasn't slowed down. Pity I never have any greens to power train him.
    This is his 5th season with Blackkiwi and he seems to be getting better with age.
    I'm usually happy with DC's averaging around 7 in terms of ratings, and MoM is usually out of the question since many goals are scored

    But this guy is pulling out spectacular ratings (for me) each game, and his amazing defensive efforts each game are helping me keep clean sheets against my top opposition!

    Season 66 - Week 4-screen-shot-2015-05-21-11.36.51-am.jpg

    You may notice he has 37/50 for DL trained. This was on complete accident. I started training him in this position on accident, and I didn't realise. Because I always used to play on my Phone, the SP got auto allocated to this new position after that stupid update. I unsuccessful tried to email Nordgen asking if I could get the 37 SP back, but alas they didn't. Such a waste

    So yea, shout out to my Captain! He also has the most caps of any player in Blackkiwi history. I know he's not spectacular compared to some of your big guns
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    I would say i`m promoted with my B Team as i`m 27pts clear of 8th with only 30pts left, I`m also in the 1/4 final of the champions league with the 1st leg today and after losing 3-1 away in the 1st leg of the cup i managed too win 3-0 at home so into the semi final 4-3 on agg

    Season 66 - Week 4-screenshot-2015-05-21-7.13.56-am.jpg
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    the onlything make me content this season is find this one ( sad
    Season 66 - Week 4-19.jpg
    Palaiseau FC in Sever 46
    season 28, level 28

    competition Played 1st 2nd top4 last win current season(*)
    League 28 19 6 2 season 27 .....
    Champions league 26 7 1 6 season 25 ........
    Cup 26 2 2 3 season 7 .......
    (*) updated at 1-June-2015

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