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Thread: Season 66 - Week 4

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    First defeat of the season today, in Champions League.
    It was one of that games that the presence of the manager not only helps but maybe can harm the team.
    After few (game) minutes, when I saw that the other manager wasn't watching, I set my formation from a 4-5-1V, counting his positions and flanking from the right side. I set my AML/AMC/AMR playing as a right AMC (because he had a DMC playing in the left side) and counters from the right side.
    Nothing - Only yellow cards, lost shots and injuries
    Near the end I passed a second ST and set attacking mentality so conceded a second goal

    Season 66 - Week 4-5-21-ch-l-defeat-stats.jpg

    very bad rates and mom title to his DR completed the logic of that game - lol
    Season 66 - Week 4-5-21-ch-l-rates.jpg

    the team going for relax with tomorrows brake but the question is
    was it a bad day for me or it's a voodoo formation
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    I had 100% shot efficiency in my Champions League match today - but it wasn't that difficult to achieve in a defence-heavy game...

    Season 66 - Week 4-100%25-shot-efficiency.jpg
    Any formation or tactics advice given is based purely on experience with my teams...

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    Won the first CL Qf away from home 3-0. Seemed to get the tactics right from the start, and dominated all round the park even though our Quality is pretty similar. However I'm concerned about a player I might possibly meet in the final. He took out the highest seed in the last round of playoffs, and now he's destroyed another high quality team 4-0.


    Season 66 - Week 4-screen-shot-2015-05-22-8.22.08-am.jpg

    But yea anyway, I'll deal with him when/if the time comes.
    In the league news, I played at home to fourth place today. It was a pretty bland game, he seemed to do nothing, and I seemed to have heaps of shots, but the stats ended up near even.
    Still holding onto 1st by 3 points, and I play 2nd place in a few days. That could possibly decide the league.
    For the immediate time, I have matches against a few lower teams, so hopefully I can get a good GD again!!
    Season 66 - Week 4-screen-shot-2015-05-22-8.22.34-am.jpg

    Season 66 - Week 4-screen-shot-2015-05-22-8.22.58-am.jpg

    On another note. Has anyone had a massive pick up in injuries lately?
    In the first 16 days of the season I had 1. Now in 3 days I've had 6. 5 of those to my starting team, majority of them are in the mid field.

    Help me.
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    And when this day happens, I will retire, and the world will celebrate long into the night" - Blackkiwi Manager speaking about his elusive Triple.

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    League: 1:1 draw against 6th.

    Champions: 3:0 road victory, giving us a commanding advantage.

    We picked up an injury to Mexican DC/DMC Edgar Cruz during the league match. This brings our match based injury count to 7, more than triple that of our opposition, whom have accumulated only 2 from 32 matches; including none in 19 consecutive matches.
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    This must the highest quality starting up I ever used. I am surprised when I noticed this.
    Season 66 - Week 4-abeauty-strongest.jpg

    I usually choose starters based on the player forms and positions rather than their average qualities. In general, only about half of the 6 star players will be starters. I am sure I never start 9 six star players.

    This is my Level 14 35T(plus 2, I have a video to watch in last 2 days) team. Its average age is 19.5. I think there are many fast trainers but I have not verified because I seldom train them practice match or compare with fast trainer benchmarks. I very rarely power train players, but they naturally grow quite quickly. The variation in qualities of my squad is not large.

    My team lost 2 matches in a row in league, and dropped to 5th place. I will play against the leading team later today. I changed the formation to play against the opponents' 4-1-3-2. Hopefully, their performance will improve.
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    Season 66 - Week 4-kuva.jpg

    Season 66 - Week 4-capture2.jpg

    Jim FC, Week 3
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    As you all build towards Champions League Glory (and since I had been trawling through pics looking for stuff on GKs to annoy Gert (but just for fun, in a nice way )) I post this blast from the past to remind you Lord Nordeus may test the health of your heart. O.o.

    I thought the nightmare was complete at P2 but it was all right in the end.

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    @Buff: with 2 goals avantage and 15 mins to go, 11 vs 10 and you lost 2 goal
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    (*) updated at 1-June-2015

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    poor fella black kitty again (given to another oppo in cup last time)

    i dont understand he is currently 2nd and he has a solid team

    Season 66 - Week 4-4thlvlanothercat.jpg

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    OMG! ( oh my galeanthropy)

    My keeper continued he good form from the friendly as strikerand got 2. 7 in a row awesome
    Season 66 - Week 4-capture.png

    in other news:
    FC United won 1-0 against former number 4 GHazzaaaaa was matchwinner. Giving United a three point lead at the top
    Groundhog Day visiting level - 58 -

    considering quitting, since nothing is improved for veterans ... nothing and pay to win has become to dominante

    FireCats is testing level - 36 -

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