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Thread: I can't sell my 6* players.

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    I can't sell my 6* players.

    I have a couple of midfielders who have been killing me with poor form, even though they're some of the best players on my squad. I've finally given up trying to rehabilitate them, so I've been making them available for transfer.

    Even at the lowest reserve price, I haven't had any bites in five days. I'm starting to wonder: can anybody see them?

    Since they're both 6*, they don't show up on the transfer market at my level. I'd assumed they were on the market for the three levels above me as 5*/4*/3* players. But are they actually there? I don't know.

    This is the first time I've tried to sell a 6* player. Is it just not going to happen? Do I have to hang onto them until next season and list them as 5* guys? Or do they just have an obvious stink of failure on them so nobody wants them?

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    yes, but 6* means nothing for the most part. What makes them sellable is the Quality number. Get them as close to the next star as possible. OR give them an SA.

    Those two things will make the difference. If I know that I will be selling them next season, I will hold onto the skill points and/or make sure they get as close to x9 or x4 Quality.

    On my 17th level account, my worst player is a 4*, 98Q MC, 24yo, just gave him Dribbler last season (so he is much more sellable at this point). He is 17 skill points from 100Q and he has 37 skill points in the bank. I should give him the 16 skill points to make him available on the neg list and see what sort of stupid offers I get. IF I can get 2 or 3 tokens for him, I will sell him immediately, as I can buy a 5*, 18yo for one token usually.

    Personally, I would take the hit, keep your 6* and see what the rest of the season brings, while you bank skill points and make them more sellable
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    Firstly, yes they show up. I've sold 6* players before including a Donkey of a DMC.

    As Sully says, the issue for you is how attractive they are to others i.e. how sellable they are. If they have poor ratings/stats then that will go against them with managers that actually look. Additionally you don't say where they are in the Q band. If they have only just made the 6* then they're low Q - and a possible solution to this is, as Sully says, improving their appeal by collecting sp to raise their Q for neg or if thats not possible, at least raise their Q bit by bit and keep listing them. As long as you don't need space these sellable issues are less in the new Season.
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    Are you at the top of your server? If you are, then you won't be able to sell them.
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    im guessing they are low end 6 star players. so to teams a level above you they will be low end 5 star, and as others have said, without a special ability they are pretty unappealing in the transfer market