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Hi Carlos
I ‘m glad because of the game and that forum I have the opportunity for first time to communicate with a friend from Vietnam
So, I would like to ask few questions
I can see many people from V who playing the game. Is football so popular or it’s t11 ?
How is the life in Vietnam for most people ? Specially about the game ? What’s a common income? Do you have (fast) internet at many homes ? Do you play the game also from mobile phones (with internet)? How many members has your group ?
Some forum members said that many Vietnamese t11 players have too strong teams (for the finance lv of your country) so there is something suspicious to have such strong teams and premium kits too. Actually, they ‘re saying that there must be a way of “hacking”.
Are there any videos/advertises, that give boosters or Tokens ?
What is the price for buying 250T (euro or $) ?
Sorry if I asked too much but we don’t have many opportunities to communicate with a friend from Vietnam. Answer whatever you want.
Personally, my experience is that I ‘ve met some managers who had normal teams but also met 2-3 that had super teams. I have a friend of my team, he is 3 levels above, wearing the premium kit of Real Madrid and have a powerful team. We support each other when we can see our teams but that’s not very common because I ‘m from Greece and usually the time of our games doesn’t match.


* forgot, "Carlos Alberto", how come ?
sorry for late reply