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Thread: Thieves and Cheating from users

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    @Matthew FC
    Kynan, teach me your ways! How'd you get so many tokens?
    hey man, don't wait the others to show you their secret weapons, do it yourself !
    -go in the profile of Kynan and check his posts one by one (ok, it's only 740 )
    in some of them he explain how he did it
    - be a real thief, steal from the best, the older, the experienced
    the ideas, the tactics, the way of playing
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    That's not impossible if I could I would buy that many tokens and build a team like that, wouldn't be funny maybe but who knows, by the way is he on the same level as you?

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    I think buying tokens is unfair for those who do not pay a single cent. But is it wrong? No. Am I complaining? No.

    I also think I should be CEO of Google. I know I should coz I posted this Google logo.

    Thieves and Cheating from users-capturegoogle.png
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    ok I just went a bid further bidding than normal, to prove that you can buy such a player with three roles and SA..

    and here it is (10 tokens poorer)
    Thieves and Cheating from users-players-skills.jpg
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    I have 7-8 triple position players. You just buy a double position nordgen and add a 3rd. Especially if you get them at 3-4* this is easy.

    I have both FB's that were FB/CB, very good value, 3*, but wrong footed. I added the correct side to them and put them out there.

    Training to 9* is either very expensive, involves tanking a couple seasons, or a ton of farming (beyond what is available in US). It doesn't mean cheating. It could be possible, but I am a good programmer and know is not so simple to do and especially not to get quickly banned.
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