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Thread: Help with transfers

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    Help with transfers

    Hey guys

    Still learning my way into game
    I have noticed that I can buy only 3-5 star players on the market and 6 star players from scouts
    Sometimes I see a high end 2 star player in the market but am unable to bid

    I have seen today a L10 manager buying 1-2 star players to reduce value of his team before next season
    How is that possible?


    Good luck in next season!

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    you see stars from your league level, so keep in mind what is a two star to you is better looking to levels below you.

    Yep,you should be able to sign three to five star from transfer list and if eligible through negotiations, and mr. scout sells six star players, unless you are a lower level team in mixed league, then seven star can be bought.

    So, it isn't possible as far as I know to buy two star, unless you keep youth, or low q guys from last season, that is what I see happen on teams trying to skew the cup draw.
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    Spot on, thanks I forgot I am in the (one level) upper league
    I got confused with a fact that his first 11 are mostly 18-19 yr old 5 star players with 3 roles, even couple of 6 stars
    From his level these would be 6 star players (and couple of 7 stars)
    Since I've never seen an 18 yr old 6 star scout these are probably "nordgens" that have been power trained, or there is another trick to achieve this
    Him being L10 manager in the lowest level league, he probably knows the tricks to select and train them well
    I've been busting my brain for a good couple of hours to understand what happened there.

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