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Thread: what is the point in buying young players ?

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    what is the point in buying young players ?

    I thought initially that buying good youngsters would be a smart choice because i would be able to keep training them every season and not have to buy new players to compete the next year and so on.
    I bought good 18-19 yo for a lot of cash and trained them well.

    but every new season, i see that the players on the TL are much better than my youngsters bought in the year before....and it seems i just wasted tokens and in-game cash to buy those youngsters because now i have to buy new players in order to compete at the highest level in the CL and the League. My old top players are not good enough to win titles anymore after just one season.

    The smarter thing seems to be to always buy old players for cheaper price, players that have already been developed. The next season you sell these old players and buy new oldies that are much better. That way I waste less cash too and i am more competitive!
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    This is mainly going to come down to what style of manager you are and what type of token budget you have. There is 2 reasons why I could think why a younger player aged 18-19 is of any great value, the first one is someone looking to keep them in the squad for a number of seasons due to good natural growth from training/playing games and the second one is Power Training and we know that PT improves quality in training over a space of a few days.

    Other than that your right, Its easier just to save your tokens and buy less attractive players in the mid 20's to about 31 years old without special ability that can be easily picked up off the auction for 1-2T each and then these players arent strong enough for you next season and you just list them because you can go back to the market again for another squad of the same type of players you nhad previously for the same price. This strategy is mainly best for players that don't buy tokens and operate on the minimum budget possible.

    Then the other strategy is the scout players. The extra available ability at a premium cost and these players can last 3-4 seasons through natural training and buying at the beginning of the season.
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    "the first one is someone looking to keep them in the squad for a number of seasons due to good natural growth from training/playing games"

    this is what i was initially trying to do. But each year, despite gaining a lot of skill points and originally being really good (5* players)....when a new season starts - these players become obsolete as teams in my league buy players that are much better becoz much better players become available in the transfer market.

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    That depends on how you play the game. If you *must* be promoted every year, or go for winning every competition then no, age doesn't matter. But if you play for fun, and don't mind staying in the same league for couple of season then leveling up young players becomes not only good, but great. You preserve your team's strenght (actually level up it) while not having the need to spend any money. That means that by them time your team will need new players, or you'll aim for the top, you'll have a whole lot of tokens/money to play with.

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    In the high levels itll become alot worse because more active managers buying tokens every season you'd need spend money to compete. Which i wont be prepared to do on a gm like this.

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    Always go for young players if you can. If nothing else, they'll grow much faster, then you can sell them on for a bigger profit.
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    I got an 18yo ML/AML from my accadamy right at the start of my season 5. I was going to reject him, but as I had a free roster slot, and he was the free player, I signed him, with the intention of selling him on for a profit. However, he was a very quick learner and soon gained and extra star (3). So I kept him.

    I'm now just starting season 9, and he is still there, now 22yo. Although not one of my top players, he is still a valuable player to have in reserve. Up until now, he has played 115 games in his 4 seasons and has amassed 72 goals. He's also learnt the position of ST during that time, and all without personal training or power training. Just normal skill point gaining.

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    I dont know how it goes in the higher lv range but in mine(now lv4) it works pretty good with young players.

    For Example my ST Pepp Crawford:
    I bought him first day last Season with Quality 30 and 5skillpoints 5* and now after the first day this season he gain to 36 2 skillpoints also 5*.
    Without PT, only with playing and normal training. And without some damn injuries and the 7 games he missed last season, he could be near 37....

    what is the point in buying young players ?-17days2.jpg
    17 Days injuried is pretty hard i think

    and in my opinion another reason to train young players is that i can spend the skillpoints where i need em. My Pepp´s att average is now 45,4. thats much more than all other ST on Translist and the ST on Scoutlist have only 45,6. okay the scout player is a littel bit faster and a better header and so on but i think main skills are imported.....
    I hope so xD
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    na toca acampado.
    young players r awesome to grow up 'em
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