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Thread: Give up and left game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khanh Nguyen View Post
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    Try to have more money, try to have strong team and have this result ^^.
    Try to have more money, try to have strong team and have this result ^^.[/QUOTE]

    That's a troll game..keep it up bro...still long way to go...I used to cry like you 2 years back...but it will be better,bro...
    Your problem is setting the tactic and order..
    with your formation it should be like this: attacking/from the middle/short passing/no offside/no counter/ red arrows on AMC (if u really want) ..that's it..Good Luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cookizzz View Post
    This match is an example of exceptional win by a low quality team. But your team does have several quite obvious problem.

    Other than those have already mentioned by other managers here, I guess that your team started the match with some players with poor morale bad condition. I never let this happen in my team unless I have no time to manage. In last 2 season, I even make sure most of my players in max morale. In response to this change, all my teams improved from general top4 team to real league champion challengers or winners. Besides, your player in DR is out of position. As the opponent has no attacker in wing position, i will try to put it back to DC position. You may even consider to start your DMC to counter the AMC of the opponent.

    In my opinion, the first step to build a good team is searching for consistent, well performing (not high quality) players and a formation fitting these players. If you concentrate on money & quality from very beginning, it is not easy to success.
    I've won games with all team in very low morale and players out of position.

    Game compares teams overall quality, gives them odds and the outcome is decided by RNG.

    Brother, stop fantasizing.

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