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Thread: Less injuries? When will that happen?

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    Now what we have to discover is how many days players are not injuried after an injurie, we have to track this... is good to know that, one can focus in power training. The change is very interesting and really a general advantadge for all, because a token buyer always will buy reds, but 35T players have limits, so now at least we have some limits and with the knowledge we can manage situations better.

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    Get many at beginning of the season now it's fine give some time it should stop soon.
    a kind of that to my teams too. It calmed the latest games.

    the big one here is that you won't have more than 1 injury per match
    that's great because now I can make my third sub, knowing that I 'll not have a second injury in my match.
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    Less injuries?  When will that happen?-lesao-n11.png

    The two players highlighted was injured today. 4 players injured never happened with me (of my recent comeback two seasons ago). Is this normal?

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    If you never had more than 4 injured players, I'd say you ain't seen nothing yet lol

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    I swear the last 4 matches i had 4 injuries wtf is this <.<

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    Actually, there have been less injuries. Previous season, one player was injured everyday. This season, even after power training (didn't do that previously) none injured. Only 3 injuries came, but from 3 consecutive matches

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