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Thread: Top Eleven Unofficial F.A.Q. -Vol. II 2015 (Please read)

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    Top Eleven Unofficial F.A.Q. -Vol. II 2015 (Please read)

    Well, this is the 1st Unofficial FAQ made 3 years ago by July Fourth.

    The game changed, some problems were fixed (friendlies, injuries, see matches from different servers...)
    So is time to, update the F.A.Q., I will do it as I like things, with a initial Index, and then I will copy/paste+edit the original of July Fourth, and add things, suggestions are welcome. Hope in some days can have a good work. Feel free to suggest.

    The idea is that we update too this thread,

    with new links of interest. So, maybe will be interesting add some different links of interest about different discussions and save these. Maybe divide the thread in themes and, have a good Index of threads.
    I will do my side with this post. LOL



    1-Servers info and; How can I know the server I am? is it posible to start the game in a server with a friend?
    2-I want to delete my club and start over?
    3-Can I play a friendly, League/Champions league/Cup matches against someone on a different server to me?
    4-Daily maintenance
    5-Can I link Top Eleven Mobile to Facebook?
    6- How to activate/unable Live Animations?
    7-How many gifts can I send/recive daily?
    8-What about videos? of what depend that some countries can see more videos?
    9-If i send an emblem to a friend, can I recovery this in the future?



    -Can I put a player on the negotiations list?
    -When does the scout list refresh?

    -Champions League Group Stage Rules

    -Why my stadium have not the max. capacity and have empty seats?
    -Why I have more fans than people attendin in my stadium?


    Complete list of the 16 hidden achievements



    1-Servers info and; How can I know the server I am? is posible start the game in a server with a friend?

    Top Eleven uses more than 200 servers to organize the game, and keep this working in a fluid way.
    Every server host some thousands of teams, remember that Top Eleven have more than 14 millions of teams, so these are distributed between all the servers.

    When a manager starts Top Eleven on his own, the game puts this manager in a random server, that can have some Facebook friends that play Top Eleven or not.

    When a manager starts Top Eleven accepting a gift sent by a friend, this manager can create his/her team in the same server where the friend is playing.

    Every server have a number that, is not shown in the game, to know the number of your server playing in PC Windows or Mac, follow these steps:

    2-I want to delete my club and start over?

    Another common question, There are 3 ways to start again,
    1-In the same account you started Top Eleven and created a team, you can go to the Manager icon, and you will see a list of Clubs Seeking Manager.
    If you select a club;

    -You can NOT recovery your old club anymore.
    -You can NOT change of club again till 28 days are passed.
    -You DON NOt bring with you the stadium of your old club.
    -You WILL KEEP the Tokens, Rests, Treatments, Morale Boosters, Fans, Money and of course Emblems/Jerseys.

    2-Too, If you want to use the same facebook account, but start completly of "0", then you need to wait more than 70 days for your team to be deleted from the game so you can start again at Level 1 with a new team and no history saved as manager.
    3-you can create a brand new facebook account and log into Top Eleven through that and you will have a new team immediately without haveing to wait over 70 days.

    You can always create a new club on a Andriod or iOS device by clicking on "Let me play" but please note your team is linked to that device and you will lose it if you change your device.

    3-Can I play a friendly, League/Champions league/Cup matches against someone on a different server to me?

    You can play a friendly matches against anybody on any server as long as they are in your friends list.

    Other competitions are between teams from same servers, so, you only can play against a friend in League/CL/Cup if he/she is in your server.

    4-What time is daily maintenance?

    Servers everyday need to be backed up to ensure that they don't lose data if theres a major fault with the game, so therefore lots of information needs to be backed-up, Maintenance starts from 2.00 am UTC (GMT) and lasts approximately 80 minutes. On season update day (Day 28 -> Day 1) this can last a little longer as stats need to be reset and recalculated and teams promoted and system doing its number crunching and to perform Cup and Champions League draws and can last around 2 hours and 40 minutes.

    5-Can I link Top Eleven Mobile to Facebook?
    Follow these steps;

    6- How to activate/unable Live Animations?
    Here a link with a video;

    7-How many gifts can I send/recive daily?
    -Every day you can recive a Treatment, Morale Booster, Rest and a Skill Point, one of each, and everyday you can send one of these 4 gifts to a friend.

    8-What about videos? of what depend that some countries can see more videos?
    The number of videos that can be seen for the managers, depend of the deal that Top Eleven have with 3rd parts, and publicity deals done with other companies. Some countries can see more, others less videos, and the offers, can change depending of 3rd parts.

    9-If i send an emblem to a friend, can I recovery this in the future?
    No, you only can send emblems/jerseys 1 time, then these can not be sent again.




    Can I put a player on the negotiations list?

    No. The players that are on the negotiations list are the players on your level that are closest to receiving the next star in quality, so if there is a player you are wanting to sell on the negotiations list, then you must get the player in question that you are looking for a negotiation offer for by training them to 1 skill point away from the next star so that they appear on the negotiations list then wait for an offer. Once the player is 1 skill point away from the next star DO NOT assign another skill point or the player gains the star and will no longer appear on the negotiations list. There is an exception on some newer servers or players playing at the top level of their server and that may cause 5* players that are further away than 1 skill point to appear on the negotiations list.

    How do I stop unwanted negotiation offers?

    If your player is nearing the next star and you keep getting unacceptable 0T offers, then you need to train your player to the next star.


    -Why a manager that is in my league have +10, 20, 30 levels on his pic profile?


    I keep getting too many injuries!

    Injuries are a major part of football in TE and IRL, many players complain why do I keep getting lots of injuries? You only have to look at Arsenal in the last few seasons to see that plenty of Injuries appear frequently, Unfortunately, for the beginners in TE, Injuries can be a real problem since you don't have the best facilities, unless you buy tokens and invest on these buildings and another reason is because you maybe playing poor skilled footballers that don't tackle correctly without causing harm, plus many teams can also play with hard tackling which also increases the probability of injuries. Try to get at least 1 friend to send you medic packs every day, and good discipline and watching live games can also yield extra medic packs, a good strategy for medic packs is to use them on important players or use them when you have an important match upcoming, another handy tip can be use them on longer term injuries because the maximum number of medic packs can be used on 1 player no matter the injury length is 15 medic packs.

    Official Logos/Jerseys: Why can't I buy the team I support?

    Nordeus has been making deals with various top clubs around europe. However, Its not always simple for clubs to make deals with Nordeus as this costs money for sponsorship and some clubs may demand a large sum of money just for logo/jersey rights, some european clubs may be kind and happy to see their logos/jerseys in the game becuase it would help improve their image and brand. It may be possible that your favourite club logos/jerseys maybe added to the game in the future, just don't expect it to happen.

    Why do I keep drawing higher level teams in the cup each season?

    Your maybe on a older server with players of various levels, and cups can contain teams for any level in them, Although you will most certainly face being eliminated from the cup early, however, there is good prize money awarded for playing these games for both home and away match and that will be useful for building a good squad to compete in the league and champions league which are usually played against clubs that are the same level as you, A major downside to drawing high level teams in the cup is that you may have to play for a long time until your one of the highest ranked sides in the cup before you actually have any realistic chance of winning the cup, some managers placed on newer servers or those without too many friend clubs can find themselves playing in a lower level cup and avoid high level sides will have a much greater chance of winning the cup, although the prize money will not be as high.

    Why can't I see some friends fixtures or make offer by negotiation to some players?
    Why can't I watch some of my friends matches?

    Some of your friends that you may of added will play on different servers, therefore you wont see the friends fixtures in fixture list and any players will not currently have "make offer" on the bottom right, because you currently can't buy any players from different servers, also make offer is only possible on 3*/4*/5* players relative to your current manager level. You are also unable to watch friends matches on a different server to your own.

    Why are they some clubs with less than 11 players in the starting line-up?

    When a new season begins you sometimes find many clubs that don't have 11 players on the tactics grid but you will see players that are "SUB" or "RES", This is caused by players going out of contract at the club and being ineligible to play until a new contract has been signed or the player has been released from the club, if managers don't log in, this lasts 7 days and it will be 7 days until a new starting line-up is generated. If you happen to be playing a club thats got a squad list like this, then the game will generate a starting line up for the club, If theres still not enough players at the club, then you will be awarded an instant 3-0 win as the other club will have to forfeit.

    Why is there sometimes lots of videos and not a lot of videos?

    Sometimes the third party companies that nordeus use for their game, matomy, token ads, sponsorpay, can provide many videos to help you gain many boosters/tokens for free and at other times there isnt as many, they seem to come and go, also videos arent always available in every place in the world, it mainly depends on which area advertisers want to target.

    Why does my team only get 20% possession of the ball? (Illegal Formations)

    This is mainly because you are currently using what is considered an illegal formation, to avoid this 20% possession, you need to have at least the following in your stating line-up:

    - Goalkeeper (Obivously)
    - 3 Defenders (green players) in any of the 5 defender slots
    - 1 or 2 players on each side on the left and right of the field, If you choose 3 sided players its Illegal again.
    - 1 Striker (red player)

    If theres anything that you think should be added, please let me know.

    Skill Points - If I don't assign skill points can I lose them?

    You only lose unassigned skill points on a player if you sell him, so at the end of the season the unassigned skill points are still there to be added the following season.

    Transfer Market - Why is there often only 3*/4* players on the market and no 5* players?

    You are the highest level of your server (mainly a 3* market) OR the second highest level of your server (mainly a 4* market), the reason why there not many 5* players that appear on the transfer market is because there are no higher level managers above you that will want to sell of their rubbish players to you and even if they do, they are older players that are not needed by the token buyers and often result in bidding wars.

    When does the scout list refresh?

    As well as getting a new scout list for the brand new season, the scout list refreshes on days 3,4,9,13,17,21,25 and 28.

    Why is there teams from different levels from my own level in my competition?

    In the cup the league level is mixed and it's based on what qualities each team has.

    In the the League and Champions League you sometimes get a situation where there is an odd number out and they need to be placed in the same competition to make up the number of teams needed, So the server needs to borrow a few teams to create the competition. It happens very frequently at the highest levels on each server since there are not many teams on the highest levels.

    I've just been promoted... But my players never lost a star! Why did that happen?

    This is quite common at the top levels on each server, occasionally a small number of teams will be promoted but to stop them getting an huge advantage in quality, they are held back by the server to help other teams catch up. So If you were L20 and you got promoted to L21 and your players didn't lose a star... You will still be effectively a L20 team although your manager level goes to L21.

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    Thanks for your efforts to help managers in this forum.

    There are some common questions which are always raised in certain point in a season. For example, after completion of the group stage of CL, some managers will complain about ranking in the group. At the beginning of a season, someone will ask why their players loss a star, why some retiring players are added to their team, etc. It is good if answers to these questions will be grouped together.
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    my phone version is 4.4.2 and I can't see any 2D mode in my settings please I need help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by younge nano View Post
    my phone version is 4.4.2 and I can't see any 2D mode in my settings please I need help.
    Contact the support via "?" button inside the app or,

    They will guide you