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Thread: Top Eleven 2016 - What do you expect?

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    Top Eleven 2016 - What do you expect?

    Hello guys! I have a quick question for you: What do you expect from Top Eleven 2016?
    (Please avoid trolling and keep a clean thread. Thank you!)
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    Well, for me..I wish...
    1. Do not have too much unexpected/trolling results for the coming season..
    2. league should have strong and weak teams instead of all the team almost equally like these 2 seasons..same goes to Champion league ..CUP i have no's World CUP anyway!!
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    My expectations for 2016 is that,
    * Updates for Facebook and platforms.
    * New items in the club shop.
    * New updates with new tools and options.

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    Maybe choice of manual or auto assignment of cones. We can switch between the current TE 2015 skill point assignment system or the desktop system.
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    Major fixes
    - striker passing backwards bug
    - instant double booking within 5-10 mins
    - grade ass mans/allow us to recruit staff (3 star, 4 star, 5 star)

    Minor fixes
    - throw ins
    - I would like to arrange corner and freekick placements, example, near post, far post, short corner.
    - improve youths

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    Get the vidoe for tokens and boosters to work.

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    1. Forbid change of match time within 24 hours, or opponent consent is required for such changes.
    2. Multiple pre-set formation. And allow users to assign different formation to different matches ahead.
    3. Apply these to browser version.
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    1 a fix for ST issue/bug
    striker should score goals, not pass back when free on goal

    2 with a few modifications the Academy could be awesome IMO.

    - lower youngster age to range 16-19
    - change quality range to 3-5 star
    - make price for promoting to first team max 10 token for a 5 star
    - make a list to select between and or dump from academy
    - try out talents in few games before promoting them
    - maybe throw in some rare SA

    3 a fix for the CUP and CL draw at higher levels
    so you don't always face the same +1 or +2 teams that knocks you out

    4 the double booking is made rare instead of most likely, like now

    5 better customization of shirt and logo
    so you can actually make your own items that also looks crisp and nice (rather put some tokens in that)

    6 more and better animation
    so its not just 12 different random actions
    wide players and orders means that they positions on the side line, not in the middle circle
    the offside animation is just awfull

    7 stats for Cup and CL like league - topscorer, rate and assists

    8 maybe introduce the player rewards on their stat screen
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    fix the strikers and the cup draw
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    1) Transfer the recent raft of changes to the mobile platform(s) to the PC/FB app.
    2) Remove the token requirement for signing the 'better' player from the Youth setup - we've already paid for it, it's ours - why should we pay Nordeus again?
    3) Fix strikers at the higher levels - they are useless at Level 26, the Level 7 ones are scoring OK.
    4) Clean up the 'live action' on the mobile app - if you've decided that we're not going to score again and are supplying action showing us attacking, let's have some proper action (eg shots being taken and saved/missed), not strikers running away with the ball and then passing straight back to the midfield/defence when they get to a chance to shoot or meaningless passing to-and-fro until the defence finally get the ball away.
    5) Fix the double corner fix - at one time if you got a double corner you were sure to score with the second - now when you get a double corner you very rarely score, but the opposition score on a regular basis...
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