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Thread: Season 75 - Are you ready?

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    FireCats are through in the Cup by 5-2 on agg.

    Season 75 - Are you ready?-2016-02-02-19_16_42-start.jpg

    United out!

    Season 75 - Are you ready?-2016-02-02-19_18_46-start.jpg
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    Drew lge game 1-1 away
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    We did what now. Hiding the ball and loosing 0-3 does not go hand in hand Ass manager.
    it can be better - loosing 0-9 and still hide the ball
    In Greeks this time
    Season 75 - Are you ready?-asist-hide-ball.jpg
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    League round 22

    So we lost the first time of him, but now we have our revenge. We played again 4-5-1 v style.
    We dominated the whole match. A very good game of us

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    Day 24 - Palace Terriers report.

    Palace Terriers played at home against 13th place in their League and emulated their senior team by winning 7-1. Left-winger Nikolay Radev led the way with a well-taken hat-trick, right-winger Declan McGranaghan chipped in with a brace, and central defender Xavier Theresine (playing DMC) and left-back Andre Forsmark scored the other goals.

    Season 75 - Are you ready?-s08-league-hl-round-22.jpgSeason 75 - Are you ready?-s08-league-ms-round-22.jpgSeason 75 - Are you ready?-s08-league-pr-round-22.jpg
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    Atlético Kolkata Day 23, 24 Report

    I guess my CL is as good as over:
    The defence is even worse than Man U's for the last two games. The standings:

    Tomorrow iyank santoso FC will host Atletico Ruggero and then the 1st vs 2nd on the last day! Hope iyank wins
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    Wow can my team do any worse, ok despite the last 5 matches we got 4W-1D... (Due to an upgrade of players) We currently sitting in 7th with having played a extra game... Hope and pray we can get in top 7, maybe top 4. 4th sitting on 38points and we on 35 with 3 matches to go...

    Season 75 - Are you ready?-capture.jpg
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    oh forgot to mention we got the bad habit achievement due to our MC spitting and getting a 2 match ban.
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    What is it with me and matches against bottom feeders. Here I am with a chance to go to 4th place and I am up against the number 13 of the league. First half is over and I had one shot at target. I noticed that I got very little chances so I switched around players and changed formation. Got to 1-1 after 30 minutes then he started to dominate again. And of course he won the game with 1-3, even with lower ratings? What the.... again. I don't mind loosing, but if the ratings are higher, shouldn't you win? My goalie scored another 5,6 but he had 5 saves.

    My second team had a chance to get 2 points behind the number 1 if we would win against the number 18. Yes, of course, it is a tie. Ratings overall 1,0 higher, double the chances but a tie. Sigh.

    Crazy crazy season. I just hope I qualify for the CL with my main team otherwise this will be the first season where I promote but won't play in the CL. Fingers crossed.
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    Season 10, day 25/28 report

    League Table
    Season 75 - Are you ready?-s10-league-table-day-25.jpg

    CL SF Leg 2
    Season 75 - Are you ready?-s10-cl-sf-leg-2-highlight.jpg

    Go to Final
    Season 75 - Are you ready?-untitled.jpg

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