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Thread: Season 75 - Are you ready?

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    Palace Casuals Season 31 Review.

    After the relative success of the Runner-up spot in last season's League competition, the Management set a relatively easy target of promotion in a Champions League slot as the main target for Palace Casuals for this season. The first half of the season was characterised by a set of very erratic results, and after the 11th Round of matches Casuals were in 5th position, and facing a couple of difficult matches to round off the first half of the League season. Victories in those two matches started off a run of one defeat in the remaining 15 matches, which saw Casuals rise to the top of the table and hold that position until the end. Although it could be said that Casuals attained their final position with the assistance of the leader for the first 3/4 of the season, whose season ended disastrously, gaining a paltry 4 points out of their last 7 matches.

    Casuals Champions League campaign saw them win their first 5 Group matches before losing the final match to the best-quality team in the Group, but they still won the Group outright. The 'Top-16' round proved their undoing, as they came up against a team with slightly better quality and their run ended there.

    Relative success in the Cup, a rare progression past the Preliminary Round was followed up with a win in the Qualifying Round and defeat against a fellow League team in the Play-off Round.

    Final League table

    Season 75 - Are you ready?-s31-l27-league-table-final.jpg

    Relevant player rankings

    Season 75 - Are you ready?-s31-l27-league-top-scorers.jpgSeason 75 - Are you ready?-s31-l27-league-top-rated.jpg

    Final playing squad and season and Casuals career statistics

    Season 75 - Are you ready?-s31-playing-squad-final.jpg

    Palace Casuals Player of the Season

    Purchased at the start of last season, and used as a striker during that season. This season was used as AML and has improved substantially.

    Season 75 - Are you ready?-s31-pos-andre-faisca.jpg

    Season 75 - Are you ready?-pc-history-season-31.jpg
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    Season 10, day 28/28 Final report

    League Table
    Season 75 - Are you ready?-s10-final-league-table.jpg

    Team performance
    Season 75 - Are you ready?-s10-final-position-report.jpg Season 75 - Are you ready?-s10-season-stat.jpg

    Season 10 best player
    Season 75 - Are you ready?-andrew-masson.jpg

    Finance report
    Season 75 - Are you ready?-s10-financial-report.jpg


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    Won lge match 5-1 @ home and finish 2nd 6 pts behind leaders
    F.C. United
    League Won 11
    League Runner up 4
    Cup Won 3
    Cup Finalist 3
    Champions League Won 5
    Champions League Finalist 9

    Season 23 Level 23

    United Til I Die
    League Won 12
    League Runner Up 4
    Champions League Won 2
    Champions League Finalist 7
    Cups Won 1
    Cup Finalist 2

    Season 32 Level 27 (Retired)

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    my main team was staying lv but my alt, started from the beginning, lv 1 (after a take over).
    Won the league with a 26-0-0
    Season 75 - Are you ready?-league-d26.jpg

    and the cup
    Season 75 - Are you ready?-cup-final.jpg

    congrats to all
    Καλώς ήρθατε στο Ελληνικό φόρουμ

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    Reserve News

    With both reserve teams are the league champions

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    Just some stats of mine. Massive dip in the middle is me being inactive lol.

    Season 75 - Are you ready?-club-stats.jpg

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    I started playing 08/2015 and am currently Level 6. Been reading this forum since I started but first time posting. I thought I'd share my Season 6 (Server 41):

    Season 75 - Are you ready?-season-6-stats.jpg
    Season 75 - Are you ready?-season-6-player-stats.jpg

    Season 75 - Are you ready?-season-6-league.jpg
    Season 75 - Are you ready?-season-6-league-top-rated.jpg

    Season 75 - Are you ready?-season-6-champions-league.jpg

    Cup (Level 12):
    Season 75 - Are you ready?-season-6-cup.jpg

    My first treble
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    League round 26

    Unbelievable. 2 goals out a dead moment. It looks like that T11 This season trolls me in the last game from the season. It's the second time against this team. I don't get it. Lucky we had a better a better score in goals than the number 2, so we have the treble this season.

    23' Sanchez
    37' Silva Batista
    74' Ozil
    88' Silva Batista

    End Season table

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    End of the season review


    So it was a weird league this season with 2 draws and one lost. The 2 draws which I don't get it, but it is now a fact.
    We are the league winners. Sanchez is for the 3rd time on the row topscorer of the league.


    The CL was a easy tournament this season. We won the CL for the third time on the row


    Not expected this season but we won the CUP this season for the third time in history.
    The cup was based on level 23 managerlevel.

    Player Stats of the season

    So Sanchez scored again the most goals. This season is Wilshere the assist king.

    Player of the Season

    If I watch to MOTM than is Ozil the player of the season, Sanchez played this season good to.
    If I watch very good and look at everything than is for this season Ozil the Player of season. He played less games than Sanchez and had the better stats.

    Season stats

    This season was a great season. For the second time we won the treble
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    So, all matches have been played, the season is over.

    Season 75 - Are you ready?-class.jpgSeason 75 - Are you ready?-story.jpgSeason 75 - Are you ready?-team.jpg
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    Winning Eleven season records:

    15 Leagues won : 1, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 14, 18, 19, 20, 23, 24, 25, 30, 31, 38 - Runner up: 8, 10, 15
    9 Champions League won: 7, 9, 11, 19, 20, 21, 24, 31, 33 - Runner up: 15, 16, 26, 34
    1 Super League won: 38
    7 Cups won: 17, 18, 20, 23, 24, 33, 35 - Runner up: 9, 14, 34, 38