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Thread: Season 75 - Are you ready?

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    Won lge game 5-1 @ home
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    Quote Originally Posted by nikolgiorgos View Post
    oppo GK was penalty specialist
    K Tete penalty specialist missed
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    Congrats to all league and cup winners!

    Orange Roughies needed one point in two remaining matches to knot up the league win. We beat the 8th place team 2:1 on their turf with the manager (me) absent from the game. Boosting morale of the entire squad and giving the lads ample rest and top bonus surely helped. I had been moving away from my once favored 4-5-1V formation lately, but it seemed perfect against the top-heavy 4-2-1-3 of the opposition, so I rolled the dice and won. It gave my star DC/DMC with FK a chance to shine from his preferred position. He scored a goal and grabbed MOM honors. I had renamed him Busquets when he came to the team last year.

    To make the triumphs sweeter, if less dramatic, the 2nd and 3rd place teams earned one point between them and fell further behind.

    The biggest challenge now is selling off overrated players in time for the next season. I had carried two 6* GKs most of the season hoping one of them would make a case for a permanent job as a starter, and one did. Besides, the academy has just sent me a 2* 0T GK. Why not?

    Must also sell an unexceptional 6* MC who has been a YC magnet until late in the season, and a DR for no fault of his own, just to make the math work.

    Perhaps the academy players will get a start in the last match of the season and try to give us a 12 point final lead over the competition.

    Thank to all for your support and advice. Go Roughies!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teda View Post
    Congrats!!!!! I told you that you can win it big!!!
    Thanks mate I was worried that wouldn't happen again this season, now I can take it easy next season, my squad it's getting old. Thanks for the support.

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    My pleasure to support my friends and see them win!

    Well, I believe your players are great enough, please keep them, especially the wingers ...

    Quote Originally Posted by FVS0777 View Post
    Thanks mate I was worried that wouldn't happen again this season, now I can take it easy next season, my squad it's getting old. Thanks for the support.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FVS0777 View Post
    Very happy!! After 21 seasons and some title, Psg Finally won the treble its was a great season, thanks for all the support!!!
    Well done. You deserved it after last season's mess
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    So i bought this guy 3 days ago, he was 6 points from 84. I'm repeating same league level next season and was looking to fill a role early.
    Season 75 - Are you ready?-ts2.jpg

    After testing him out, I decided that i didn't want him so I put him up for starting bid of 37million.
    Here's what he sold for.
    Season 75 - Are you ready?-ts1.jpg
    Definitely a final day transfer record for % above market value for me.
    Owner is promoting next season as well, boggles my mind.
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    I have not been able to sell any of my Q56 (6*) for over a day. L8 managers know it's a buyer's market.
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    And I did it! After a really thrilling season with several alternation on top, I conquered my 6th title! I was aiming for the cup, which I lost in the quarter finals after beating many higher level teams, I honestly didn't hope to win, but my opponent paid so much for the 2 early defeats and 2 draw that could have easily avoid. It was a very rushed end of season, that none of us could afford to lose a single point.
    On the other side, it could have been better since I've been eliminated from the cup totally unbeaten! Only 1 defeat in the whole season and only against my runner up.

    Well it's not bad, saying goodbye without a title would have been bitter for my fans

    Season 75 - Are you ready?-top11clas.jpgSeason 75 - Are you ready?-top11storia.pngSeason 75 - Are you ready?-seasonstats.png
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    My L23 Team won CL yesterday, but carelessly lost to 14th place team in the league match. Before this league round, 3 teams tied at top of the league table with my team leading by goal difference. Now my team is 3 points lower than 2 leading teams. My hope for winning league champion is slim.

    I blamed myself for resting some players for preparing the CL Final. But my 2nd unit players are not weaker in quality comparing with the 1st unit. They are just less consistent or in poorer form. Moreover, I left less than 10 green packs yesterday. So I almost had no choice.

    Forget it.

    In last league match, my team faced a team which has good performances in 2nd half season and gradually moved from 12th place to 7th place. Both teams could not score in 1st half. In 2nd half, my players suddenly crazily played and scored 7 goals to end the match by winning 7-0.

    Edit: I just noted that my player Cho came in at 63th minutes and then scored 4th goals and had 1 assist. He was benched because of bad performances yesterday.

    Season 75 - Are you ready?-last-game-highlights.jpgSeason 75 - Are you ready?-last-game-ratings.jpg

    Now my team is leading temporarily. Realistically, I don't believe my team will be final league champion. But I will try my best to ruin the hope of the manager selka who supported my opponent in league match yesterday to win the league in this year. This manager played the same league with me for many many seasons. As I remember my team usually ranks higher than this team, including last season. I still hope this season is an exception.

    Season 75 - Are you ready?-temp-table.jpg

    Mini update for my L31 Team.

    It lost in last league match and end its 14th match unbeaten streak. It still keeps 2nd placed team 7 points away, and has been crowned as league champion.
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