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Thread: It came to an end.

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    It came to an end.

    Anything needs an ending
    Today, after 6 months of playing Top 11, I decided to stop playing.

    While my account's having 200 tokens, 3.4k green packs. I'm winning League with 16 points more than 2nd team, i'm making my way to CL and Cup finals. Nothing went wrong, but i dont think i want to go on.

    The Reasons
    - I play another game? No. Can't manage to have enough time for another game. Top 11 is the least time-consuming game I ever played.
    - Troll results? No. Can't be. My team's doing well.

    The main reason here is, Top 11 is not fun anymore to me.

    + Buying/selling player is not fun anymore. You're waiting an fast trainer in the market, you can't see him unless you refresh the transfer screen like once every 15 mins. And if you see one, you're about to enter a bid war, i hate war.

    + Applying tactics is not quite effective: This is football manager right, so people have to come up with great strategies to get advantages against other teams, but it's pointless! Players effect everything, tactics effect nothing. A 3 star AML can be Man of the match and wrecks our defend regardless of how well we try to counter him (place MR and MR to minimize the power of AMR, for example). This should be player manager, not football manager!
    The wide-known system of counter formation makes this game too "easy" for people - when you apply the counter formation, you will win against equally strong team. So why have to invest in tokens? Why have to train players? So Nordeus has to do something, they reduce the effect of tactics, and increase the effect of luck and form, also "manipu. So that people will be desperate to find the way to win, then spend.

    + Watching the match doesn't change a damn thing: Hell yes, dont you think? Giving you 8% more possesion, then what? You have more chances to score? - I dont think so. You replace the guys who are not playing well? - the replacement won't do anything better. Even if you're absent, the injuried players will still be automatically replaced. And look, the opponent's manager's somewhere far away from the stadium - his team still wins you.

    + The match's commentaries are the same everytime. We change tactics to attacking both flanks, we dont see more cross come from our wingers, we changes tactics to offside traps, we see no offside, we change tactics to short passing, our chances till come mostly from long ball and cross. Is it true that the things commentators say are the exactly the same in every match? Can we have more? For instance, own goals, goalie's mistakes, players get out of control and have some bad words with each other, a super star eliminates the marking of 5,6 players and makes his own way to score? It doesn't have to happen oftenly, but it would be very excited to see those events in one match, I'm bored with the same commentaries everytime.

    + Training player is not fun anymore. This action is so simple, you just need a lot of green packs, pump skill points to 2/3 categories (ST needs attack and P/M, DC needs defend and P/M). What is the variation, complex in this process? Can we improve a man's speed only? - No. Can we focus on a ST's shooting ability rather than makes him train his crossing accuracy when in matches you barely see him cross? - No!
    Every player is almost the same with each other, except their age and training speed. Can we have a talent with outstanding Creativity when he's only 4 star rating? - No. And when you buy a scout, you see his skill is like 54-54-54, how on earth a player in real world can be perfectly balanced like that? Nordeus are you too lazy to create players with difference from others?
    And i almost forgot, A man with Special ability is nothing better than a man without, another pointless thing to do in training.

    + The presence of wide-spread cheating system: Sorry Nordeus i have to say this, anyone here doesnt believe? How can you explain the teams with 100% legend players everywhere in this game? How can you explain the teams with 10k+ greenpacks, winning a league with zero goal conceded. You think they all spend thousands of dollar on this game? Think about it, then why Nordeus has to create A LOT of incentives for players to spend (increase injuries chance, reduce effectiveness of STs, gives out more troll results...) . It's not fair for other players, and it's lasted for years, Nordeus why dont you fix this?

    I will give my account to a friend, who is also a girl, she's gonna screw everything up but i'm OK with it, also i wont' be around in this forum anymore (some people'll say who cares - But i do care. Top 11 forum used to be the first website i visit every morning in my office)
    Hope things will go better, Nordeus will improve the game properly, make people spend with satisfaction. Hope you guys won't get frustrated by this game, remember it's only a game and you can always walk away, no matter how many thing you've invested into it.
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    Sad to read that hun, but, all in life have a starting and a finish xD

    I'm more or less agree in your reasons so thats too in some way why I play in light mode and Ive been playing for 3 years, tanking, months yes, months nope, but 3 years. Really the only way I found to have a control under the game is this.

    Good luck in all, and if your friend have questions you know here we will be glad to help

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    Another player is leaving. Good luck to you!

    Hope quitting this game can reduce your time to spend sitting in an office chair :-) take care of your back and neck, office girl :-)
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    It's good that your a/c will be taken over by a friend. In my opinion, a developed team and its history is an asset that I feel hard to give up.

    If my team failed to promote in any one of last few seasons, I have already given up them.

    After this season, at least one of my team will start to gradually change from 5 star team to 3 star team and then maintain similar quality. I want to try to play in this quality level. This will be a long progress because I still need to save tokens during the rebuilding progress. If this task is difficult, I may also finally give up these teams.

    So I hope my teams will win the remaining competitions because they may have no chance for a few seasons..
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    Gonna a miss you.Good luck queen.
    Wont be suprise to see you back in the game or forum in the future. Always nice to have you around­čść

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    Many good observations there. I agree with every single one. 3 years I've played this game, attending almost every game. I'm now convinced that results are pre-determined and being present, changing tactics, players makes little to no difference. I see the player ratings after 14 minutes then 25 minutes and if the majority are below 6.6 then pretty much guaranteed a bad day. Some may disagree and it's true that things can change later in the game but I always prefer the other Manager to turn up as then it's a bit more interesting and tactical changes can make a difference.

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    We will miss you very much. I am also beginning to be tired of this game and its silly results.
    But it takes courage to abandon a team in which you have put so much effort and passion. I do not have this courage yet but I feel it coming.
    At least, you are about to leave on a treble: what a farewell !
    I won't do the same as the game has decided yesterday that 35 shots/18 on target and 78% ball possession would not be enough for me to beat the second last, abandoned team who beat me. Costing me the title. And the treble.
    I agree with mostly all your remarks. But honestly, I do think that Nordeus do not care at all. What they want is new players to trap them with the addiction. For that they have the very easy early seasons. And when they're done, they try to get rid of them and find new ones.
    Byebye and good comeback to real life !
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    hell ya, i hate bidding wars too. on the plus side, i think that is what makes the game interesting. good luck playing candy crush

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    You taught me a lot. I'll miss you. And thanks!
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    Some day or the other you must stop playing this game. That time came to you now. Good bye and good decision you came back to life, this is a time consuming game.
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