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Thread: Season 76 - Are you ready?

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    Quote Originally Posted by talisman View Post
    Oh, bad luck...

    I was watching one of my Palace Casuals friends' match this morning - he was +2 levels and +1.5Q over his opponent, and had won the home 1st Leg 3-0. Look for the Nordeus effect - the opposition scored three times in the first 23 minutes, and then nothing for either side until the end of extra-time. My friend then lost 4-5 on penalties...
    Indeed bad luck. So now I can concentrate on the league en CL

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    In great T11 logic and trolling, I power trained my team all yesterday and made myself a super strong side.

    I played my opponent in the Cup yesterday prior to Power Training and beat him 3-0 away.

    Just played the home game, with my much stronger side - and lost 2-1. Brilliant stuff.

    Thankfully still through to the next round but it does go to show how bloody stupid this game is at times.

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    We win second game on AGG 7:1 and we will be play next round
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    Season 76 - Are you ready?-2016-02-08-17_03_32-start.jpg

    wauw I actually scored a goal

    and there is a good offer on negotiation

    Season 76 - Are you ready?-2016-02-08-17_14_30-start.jpg
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    Day 2 - Palace Casuals report - plus!

    Palace Terriers made another trip to the transfer market and signed a replacement for Mehmet Can Kilickaya sold this morning - the TM is very quiet on Level 9 (lots of players but no takers), so another 1T ($9.12M) purchase at a considerable discount from market value.

    Season 76 - Are you ready?-pt-mark-hughes-1t9_12m.jpg

    Palace Casuals signed a replacement for recently retired Mirco Kaminski, and at the same time filled a hole in their positional line-up. A bit more activity in the Level 28 market, so 4T/$107M was shelled out on this player.

    Season 76 - Are you ready?-pc-lukas-lembacker-4t107m.jpg

    The new left-back was immediately installed in the team for the Cup Preliminary Round 2nd Leg match and Palace Casuals had the unaccustomed luxury of a comfortable aggregate victory in a Cup tie. DMC Kiril Rusev opened the scoring and five minutes of dominance later on in the first half produced two more goals, an individual effort by striker Massimiliano Gerini and a more conventional pass/header from the two wingers, Andy Bayunu claiming the goal, Martin Kozak the assist. The home side got back into the match with their own five minutes early in the second half, but after the second goal, Casuals made a midfield substitution and shut up shop at the back to prevent any further encroachment. Final score 3-2 to the visitors, Palace Casuals progress 6-3 on aggregate.

    Season 76 - Are you ready?-s32-cup-hl-pr2.jpgSeason 76 - Are you ready?-s32-cup-ms-pr2.jpgSeason 76 - Are you ready?-s32-cup-pr-pr2.jpg

    With his substitute appearance at this match, central midfielder Felipe de Vasconcelos Leite registered his 50th time in a blue and red shirt.

    Season 76 - Are you ready?-pc-felipe-de-vasconcelos-leite-50.jpg
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    Atlético Kolkata Day 2 Report

    Just perfect. Marvellous. I couldn't attend it, and so ecstatic seeing my new tactics are working. I feel like I'm Victor Frankenstein:
    In fact, I'm even happier that all my 5 MCs are performing. Baert is the only one who started in both matches. Today MOM was first-time starter Bartels. Bartels and Aksu were the free agents who arrived at the start of the season. Thank you Nordeus for chucking up something good! But I need cover for JBS (John-Bircan-Saba), they're my only AML-AMR-ST combination. If one gets suspended, maybe then I can think since money is in the negative. Also I need is a DC/DR. But even then, there's no bound for our joy. And you hear, sorry, read it right — we'll face a 1* team, yes, a 1* team in CL:
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    both my teams through in the Cup

    Season 76 - Are you ready?-2016-02-08-20_31_29-start.jpg

    Season 76 - Are you ready?-2016-02-08-20_32_28-start.jpg

    what the... some serious action on 3' minute

    Season 76 - Are you ready?-2016-02-08-20_14_21-start.png

    won the friendly anyways Season 76 - Are you ready?-2016-02-08-20_27_07-start.jpg
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    What have I learned from last season? Never give up. I was ready to tank when I was 8th after 20 games or so. Somehow I managed to get to second place by winning the last game against the champion with big numbers, lol.

    So I started the seasons with a couple of wins in the cup with both teams. Nice nice. Got some good new players. Boosted several players to 6 stars and I now see what I am facing in the CL. This guy is 1,5 stars higher in quality. Lol. First time that I am up against a 7-8 star player full of SA. I guess no CL title for me this season haha.
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    Thru in cup 3-0 agg but new mc last 15 mins and now injured
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    Cup match changed and it will be played at 2:20 night so I can rest and let's see with a 1-2 away what we do.

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