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Thread: terrible results since update

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    terrible results since update

    Before update I was 100% in lge and won my cup match but lost opening c/l game but that was my thought for playing resevers then since update I have lost every lge game, drew cup game 0-0 and lost and won other two c/l games this despite training for training bonus which according to am helps you win, even when matches are 3 hrs apart and you don't want to train so I really don't know what is going on here?
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    i think one of the reason is the the GK skill GK is not good as before~ my first team GK is 7 star...after the new skill... my GK skill (not the physical..physical also in 7 stars Q) is only down to 60 to 61~ (physical is 77) and my GK did really bad in half of the matches (like rating 6)... last season, he did all matches in rate 8 or 9.... and i only lost 3 goals in league.... now, after the update.... i almost lost at least a goal in every game.... i think the GK make a different in games~

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    Since the Update I haven't Lost a game in any of my teams I got Four Teams Mikton United Level 7 Currently First placed , Mikton Academy Level 5 Currently First placed,Shadow FC level 2 Currently First place and Maleyston Reds Level 1 and position 1
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    my goalkeeper is crap after the update, even on the old version of the game

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    opposite of my team all my player sub include have register a goal and my keeper is doing everything right at the moment 8 n 9 rating.

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    Hi Guys,

    I got the same thing here, i am quite a power player and have in all the seasons i played, NEVER scored lower than 3rd position.
    I am in a new competition where i am on stats one of the strongest.

    I have lost ALL games, and with high scores. Champions league goes still well so far. I have been present, trained and use training bonusses. But to no avail.

    Now Yesterday i lost from a really bad team. (My Team 98%, Other team 72%) and got killed... And that is now 5 games in a row,
    I am an experienced player, but i DO NOT see the logic !!!

    I know i will loose sometime to strong and even crappy teams, but then it usually makes sence why...
    At this point i have NO Clue whats going on...

    I can only come to the conclusion that with the NEW training (that may be more realistic, but is also time consuming) Something changed
    in the logic of calculation. That is either a fluke, or something needs to be communicated.

    If i am making a mistake... possible, but as stated i am not unexperienced, and i have no clue..


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    I saw similar results initially when I didn't do any training. First game was against a team 10 quality points below mine. I had something around 80% possession and twice as many shots. But it ended in a 0-0 draw. The match report said I need to spend more time in training ground.

    Next match, I was facing another team about 10 points lesser quality. Again, I had significantly more possession, more shots, more shots on goal, and high passing %. Got a 1-1 draw and the match report commented again on training.

    Both times I used the right tactics. So I started messing around in the training. I faced an equal quality team next and won 3-0. Match report said we had great training.

    I've won every game since. All I can conclude is that you have to do those two trainings before every match or you get dinged somehow.
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    I've drawn twice and lost once since update. The goals are completely random and my passing accuracy is around 80% when it used to be around 87-90%
    Even with short passing, managing 70% possession and using the 15% total possession bonus.

    I agree, keeper stats have ruined GK performance, in currently trying to train him up. He went from 7s and 8s to 5s and 6s so there is definately a change.

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    here is my team result after new update 10 games played.
    goal score 43
    goal concede 4

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    Very interesting for a tanking team is that I'm 4 games without a loss (2 league and one each of Cup and CL)
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