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Thread: Manipulating Champions League

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    Manipulating Champions League

    Some prologue first.
    This thread it’s about my third team, RINOKEROS, which I started playing with other fb friends in a 35T league. After the third season, we shattered and never played in the same league again. I moved a little, then stopped for 2-3 seasons and then decided to go for the treble and maybe stop it there.
    The first day of the new season, I ‘m checking my CH.L. group opponents as the opposite group too so after that I said I ‘m ok. 2 teams of the group was good but little weaker than my team and the 4th team was very weak (from those leagues, you know). I ‘m in group B.
    After that, I went to examine the opponents of my Cup.
    After the first round of CH.L. group games, I checked all the 1st-2nd position teams of the groups. My team finished 1st of the B group, with 3 victories.
    Then I realized that in group D there is a beast with a 9* (Atletico Madrid) players.
    Manipulating Champions League-cm1-oppo-atlet.jpg

    Checking the CH.L. qualification program, I could see that he ‘ll be my next oppo after playing with the 2nd team of group A.
    That means I ‘m out of CH.L. in final 8 K.O. round as it is impossible to win him (at least in two games round).
    But if I could get the 2nd position of the group, then I could meet him only in the final.
    Manipulating Champions League-cm2-ch-l-rounds-road-final.jpg

    Finishing in the 2nd position of the group, meaning that I would play with some 1st position opponents like those teams but at least with them, I ‘ll have some good chances. With the T buyer not once.
    Manipulating Champions League-cm3-oppo-1-a1.jpg
    Manipulating Champions League-cm4-2-oppo-3-g1.jpg
    Manipulating Champions League-cm4-oppo-2-c1.jpg

    So, from that point, I started some “cooking” with my games. I lost the two next games from the 2nd and the 3rd team (but I had to be careful with the goal difference) , I won the last game and finally got the 2nd position.
    Manipulating Champions League-cm5-before-game.jpg

    Manipulating Champions League-cm6-ch-l-rounds-5-games.jpg

    The funny thing was that I played with the 1st team of the group, in the Cup too.
    Mihu has a 5* team and he is an active manager.
    There, the target was clear.
    Manipulating Champions League-cm7-mihu-3-games.jpg

    So, after that, I ‘m playing in the semifinals while the 1st of my group, Mihu is out with a 17-0 agg.
    Manipulating Champions League-cm8-road-semi.jpg

    Now, I have to fight for the final. Even if I past and there it’s only one game and not two as the K.O. rounds, I don’t believe I have any chance for winning (even if I have nine 6*players) but at least I won one Cup trophy - maybe bronze maybe silver.
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    Hahaha you practically knocked Mihu out by letting him go above you.

    I am willing to bet I am not the only one who prays the ridiculous token spender gets as many suspensions as possible before they play you.

    I had a guy like this who beat me in semis 3 seasons ago. I beat him 2-1 in first leg when he rested some 7* for 6* and then he put out a full 7* squad he rarely used purely to beat me on quality so kudos to that guy for sacrificing decent performers for poorer, higher rated players lol. He beat me 3-1 in the second leg to knock me out. I was gutted.

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    What if all the teams in your group noticed about the possibility of playing a 9-star team, and all of them aimed for second place?

    The (6-0,11-0) is funny though .

    By the way, the 8-9-star team seems to use your favourite formation.
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    Nik is a traitor, he knocked out his fellow countryman and my fellow countryman

    Coming to the point, I prefer to play the first leg at home, so I'll manipulate next season. Previous season we finished first, and got eliminated.
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    What if all the teams in your group noticed about the possibility of playing a 9-star team, and all of them aimed for second place?
    I don't think so. I don't believe those lv7 managers know that draw system. Only from this forum or a fb group someone have a clue how this draw is working after the groups. It's only from this game, it's not an official FIFA/UEFA draw.

    Nik is a traitor, he knocked out his fellow countryman and my fellow countryman
    haha, everything is fair in war, love and top eleven.

    By the way, the 8-9-star team seems to use your favourite formation
    This time (if I 'll pass in the final) I 'm gonna use 5-4-1V but I don't have any hope. It's not only the quality but he is active too. He 's watching his games.
    what can I do
    Manipulating Champions League-mihu-crist-0-6.jpg
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    Well done anyway. You'll have much more chances on one game than 2. Plus the cash that comes with it. Hard defense, counters and ... prayers may help !
    Plus a friendly ref that gives him a couple of reds in the first 15 minutes. Try to get to PK !!

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    Finally we made it to play in the final.
    The trick worked and instead of being in the place of Mihu, I 'm gonna win a silver plate.
    Much better than nothing as I couldn't hope for anything else.
    Manipulating Champions League-ch-l-road-final-1.jpg

    I was twice unlucky this season.
    Manipulating Champions League-cup-road-final-1.jpg
    I dropped the quality of my team so to have a reasonable draw in the Cup, but with my misfortune, I 'm gonna play in the final with a guy who also used the same tactic, he is a heavy T buyer and treble winner
    Manipulating Champions League-cup-final-oppo.jpg
    So, no treble just a league title and two silver plates
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    Ok, time for some cooking again as I have a tough CH.L. draw and a dilemma

    Manipulating Champions League-ch-l-groups-day0.jpg
    As I checked my opponents in the groups, there are two very strong teams.
    Of course they ‘re heavy T buyers as they have teams from scout list and jerseys & emblems of 400 Token.
    One is in group A, JUVENTUS and the other one is in group D, TRABZONSPOR.
    JUVENTUS has already a team full of 6* and 7* players. Almost all of those 7* players are from scout list and they have 2 participations from the Cup games
    Manipulating Champions League-juve.jpg
    .JUVENTUS has a stronger team but doesn’t have so many titles.
    Manipulating Champions League-juve-troph.jpg

    Murat’s players are scout list players but from pervious seasons as they have participations from one or two leagues.
    Manipulating Champions League-murat.jpg
    TRABZONSPOR has much more trophies (not like me but very close).
    Manipulating Champions League-murat-troph.jpg

    Also he is very active, we have some common friends and he sent friend request last season to my teams.
    NIK refused as I didn’t want him in my league but my other team TIGRAN accepted and we ‘re friends.
    It;s from the Cup game, where I supported him. He passed a 2 lvs above, team.
    Manipulating Champions League-mu-cup-game.jpg

    If I finished 1st in my group, I ‘ll play with JUVE in the 2nd KO round. If I ‘ll finished 2nd, I ‘ll play with TRABZONSPOR in the 1st KO round.
    Manipulating Champions League-choice.jpg

    I ‘m not sure what to choose.
    Those are the good teams of my group. The other one (I play the first game with him) is weak.
    Manipulating Champions League-my-group.jpg

    This is my team. Those 6* are in the beginning of the star q. I also bought 2 5* players and I ‘m waiting for the league draw to fill the rest squad.
    Manipulating Champions League-team-d1-1.jpg
    I can enforce my team but as usual, having 6* players and maybe few early 7*.

    Some other teams
    In A group there are also good teams but I don’t think they have any chance vs JUVE
    Manipulating Champions League-barcelona.jpg
    Manipulating Champions League-novorosija.jpg

    In group B, it’s the runner of my previous league
    Manipulating Champions League-b-alexander.jpg

    In group F it’s ERDIN ,the team I faced and won in the CH.L. final of previous season.
    Manipulating Champions League-f-erdin.jpg

    But has some good oppo
    Manipulating Champions League-f-kakamahn.jpg
    Manipulating Champions League-f-notiham.jpg

    And in group H it’s the best of all. It’s a team that was in previous season CH.L. groups as he won his league. Now he was second . Of course he is playing in one of those weak 2*-3* players league. No problemo for him
    Manipulating Champions League-holstein.jpg

    Any suggestions ?
    What would you choose ?
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    The man with the lesser trophies. he seems to know how to lose. The other guy is a winner and would be good tactically too. So go play Juve, you have a better chance......#my thoughts
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    Ok Peter, you were right (and I believed that also).
    Day 5 and here are the groups
    Manipulating Champions League-15-ch-l-groups-day-5.jpg

    JUVE had some bad results (for the quality of his team of course). He had a draw vs Ahmed, the 3rd team and lost from Novorosija 0-2
    Manipulating Champions League-16-juve-lost-game.jpg

    Unfortunately Novorosija got trolled and had a draw vs the weaker team of the group, so now tomorrow must win-get a draw-or loose less than 0-2 or else JUVE will take the first place.
    Meanwhile Murat also was close to loose a game from the 3rd team of the group but finally scored near the end of the game. I supported him with my two teams as I didn’t want to face him in the next round as the 2nd team of his group.
    Manipulating Champions League-17-murat-last-group-game.jpg

    So, if I ‘m lucky, the draw for K.O. rounds can be like that and if I ‘ll pass the other teams, I ‘m gonna face the winner of JUVE – TRABZONSPOR in the final.

    Manipulating Champions League-18-choice-2.jpg

    In the meantime I ‘ll have some time to train my players and level up a little more. Now I have two 5* players, two early 7* players and seven 6* players – I believe I can make two or three more 7* players with training.

    Meanwhile JUVE and MURAT are friends and JUVE challenged him in a friendly game. My reserves who are friends with Murat, watched that game. JUVE had a clear victory
    Manipulating Champions League-19-friendly-g.jpg
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