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    Question Training


    Just a question... how do you train your players ?

    Do you do a training set for the defenders, one for midfielders and one for forwards ?
    or do you train all players at the same time and use a mixture of drills ? (def. + att + phy.)

    I train all of my players at the same time, at least 2x a day and a mixture of drills... 2x def. 2x att. and 2x phy.

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    I use a set of six drills (easy-very easy in 3 categories - 6,75 condition) to almost all my players , 2 or 4 times per day.
    Sometimes, I power train one player only to one category (att. drills for attackers for example).
    But I 'm not specialist just reached lv40
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    if you train full set (all 22 at a time) and use hard or very hard drill... you players grow faster....but the problem need lost of green packs... at least over 50 .... and now, since the new update and the new limited.... you can't do that with free green packs... cause the new limited set a day, you can only have 50 packs... + mostly you won't get over 10 video ...unless you have a very very very very very very lucky day.....

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    I usually make 2 different sets of training.
    - One for GK + MX + AMX + ST (most of attacking drills give GK bonus skills) - 4/5 attacking drills, 1/2 physical drill(s).
    - One for DX, MDX, MX - 3/4 defensive drills, 2/3 physical drills.
    My midfielders are included in both sessions so they need more green packs.
    When I need to do an emergency training (mostly between 2 games), i use 6 physical drills.
    I have been pleased by the results so far.

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    I train my defenders/goalie and the rest seperatly

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    I train all my players at once. Then I have individual training regimes for each position.

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    Here's a handy tutorial about Training in Top Eleven