I close this thread.

We can stay discussing always about the "you are more this" or "I am more that" but don't have sense, here the only who knows the accounts and can control it are the dev's and I think have some logic understand that, if they say that when someone is reported, they check "every report" we do about cheating suspicion they do their part.

For those who play online games as i always said, there are players that spend, because everyone have it's own situation and it is a own decision how to spend the own money, and some spend a lot, in group, or in family. Here in the forum we had occasionally some examples of players saying that with 200 monthly euros did not win, due lack of experience, yeah, but, in this world there have to exist a little bit of all.

The game give the option to play for free, and recently was good that in some countries the video offers has been limited to don't allow the abuse, and despite all some managers come here because they now "don't have" 100 daily boosters and a free 9* team every season to compete, so, we know that always we want more and more, that all can be always slightly better, and that every manager have a different situation, so, let's finish the discussion, just enjoy the game, and if one see a posible cheater, just report.