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Thread: Buy the right one

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    Buy the right one

    How can I be certain that the player I want to buy will perform well cause it sure as hell aint about the money cause I got som expensive players and there all crap.

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    Only way to have any idea is buying 'used' players who have form stats. But even then, you can buy a player with 7-8-9 form history and they might not play as well with a new team, new formation, orders, etc.

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    "Certain is nothing in T11", think that you can find 11 players that scored 40 goals last season, buy them, but, with these players the game will create an order of leadership/contribution, so you will not have 11 players having ratings of 9's-10's and scoring 40 goals per season.

    Buy one, with good numbers + goor ratings, see if have some 9'-10 in last matches and if has been MoM some times, this matter, then as said, maybe, suddenly the game will decide a season scenario where this player is very/non agressive, or have more/less injuries, or inside your team, maybe will have a place as one of these who do a better contribution.
    Then your job will be notice about that and make decisions.

    But as said, -new player- test it, in a frienldy vs a 1* and you will oversize the internal programming, so if you see him continously or score a hattrick, or is MoM and have 9-10, then is important to count with him.

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    there is no guarantee for that.
    Some hint can be that the player you 're looking has some good stats or has many participation in his team .
    Also try not to spend much T for them, try them in the first 4-5 official games and if they not perform, sell them.
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    Ratings are just physical skills, doesn't mean they will perform.
    I've had 3 and 4 star players start over 6 star players many times because they still performed great.

    I started this season with a 3 star DMC that I've had for 10 seasons (there's a reason he's been there that long!) and he'd still be starting more than likely except i changed my formation mid season.

    The funny thing about him was I didn't really want him when I got him on Day 1, but no one had bid on him with 10 seconds left so I figured eh... 1 token, why not? Lucky break there!
    Other times my prized acquisition (usually a 5 star fast trainer) busts.

    3 seasons ago I got an 18 yr old AMR on Day 1, he was the only one available, so I got him almost by force, and he's been a consistent 40 goal scorer. Same season, the PERFECT AML for my system appeared on the negotiation list. He also had good stats on that guy's team so I made him an offer he couldn't refuse, and he has broken my goal records 2 years in a row!

    So the answer is.... be as smart as you can, avoid players that other managers obviously don't want, and go after ones that are young or have proven success from their previous squads, and hope for the best. But most importantly, when you get one that is playing well, keep him!! Do not assume the younger/higher rated player is going to automatically play better, because that just isn't going to happen too often.