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Thread: Arrows

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    Wink Arrows

    I like to use arrows, in fact all my players have them (st,amr,aml,mr,mc,ml,dr,dl all have red arrows the other 2 dc's have blue arrows)

    So what are your thoughts on the arrows?
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    Spanish Forum Moderator khris's Avatar
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    I use 10 arrows, all red + 2 blues for the DC's.

    As I always say, all affect slighltly in the game. Players will defend when is needed, and attack when is needed.
    A player ST with red arrow can save a ocassion against and appear in defense, so I think using 8 reds in the attacking moments the game have more players to select to stay in attack avaliable... is my idea, the DC's tend to stay like statues and they do a good job + in defense actions even all the others have red arrows, thats football and the lines have to go one stap back, so defense, always will be here, attack, how more options better.

    As said all is a sligthly % hat affect, this % + the internal base of the player, that can be a MC but that work more in defense + the % of the match scenario, that can make this player more determinant, less, be a failer that provoke a penalty against... be invisible and you dont see the name during the match, or, be more decisive in attack than often and save you a match...

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    well.... my ST acts like a MC more than a ST or AMC. even i has red arrow on him...he always back to the middle field and get the ball... pass to front (AMC or AML/R) or even MC to create the attack.... i saw this many season... and this is the reason cause the ST has low score while has a high assist....

    that happen until this two season.... finally i find a ST can score more than assist....(well...he is not bad a assist tho... he has 11 assist in league along with 19 goal)

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    I generally use down arrows on my creative strikers with good passing and on my mcs when they are outnumbered and i want them to play a holding role to prevent counter attacks. I use up arrows on a lot of positions including DMCs AMs and some strikers when I want them to shoot more and take defenders on instead of passing.
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    I only use red, DL/DR and sometimes AMC/AMR/AML/MR/ML

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    Greek Forum Moderator nikolgiorgos's Avatar
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    Usually red arrows to my AML-AMR, blue arrow to my DC.
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    1) A back line with a mix of up/down arrows might do poorly with off-side trap.
    2) A player out of position (yellow or red "!") with an arrow may be more likely to foul/ lose possession.
    3) I just watched a DC with down arrow score a goal assisted by striker, arrows are flexible. Creativity all around might help.

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    I Don't put arrow on every player. I always put Red Arrow on My AMR, AML,DR & DL. I put blue arrow on DMC because my DR & DL can freely attack. Most of time my DMC stop counters. Even teams like Madrid & Barcelona does that Casemiro & Busquet stays back while attacking & if players loses ball they try to stop counter. It worked for me last 4 season. But this season I am just drawing the match. As I scores opponent scoring quickly. My players are also getting injured & recieving card.