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    Quote Originally Posted by RageRocker View Post
    How do I report a cheater
    In the cup I had this Chinese guy a day before the match he was 70% and I was 105% the next morning I log in and suddenly right before the match hes 106% now don't tell me that he paid a shit load of money overnight this guy just got a completely new team (11players) under 8 hours needless to say I lost the match
    Sorry mate, but you're stupid

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    Quote Originally Posted by RageRocker View Post
    I always check the entire team those 11 6* players weren't there last night
    i said before.... he is LV6... and you are LV5 that told everything..... cause his 5 star in LV6 is your 6 star in LV5....that why -.-.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by vkorchevoy View Post
    Sorry mate, but you're stupid
    well, that's not a "smart" post either.

    Well, @RageRocker, maybe you read the threads I told you but you didn't get it .
    It's only the 14 higher quality players that counts.
    (and League draw has nothing to do with that, it's only for the Cup).
    I would say as I can see your photo, that this guy has rather a low q for his level.
    And it's not that everybody in your Cup made the trick, it's that you didn't lower enough your team.
    When it's near the end of the season, make a post with your team.
    I 'll give you some advice what to do.
    Καλώς ήρθατε στο Ελληνικό φόρουμ

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    This is going too far away. We can not allow to accuse managers in the forum that, really, are not doing any type of cheating.
    Regarding the mentioned issue in the thread, I recommend, to know how works the game, how the game do the leagues, cup, CL...
    How many times we had managers that, bought with tokens a entire 6* squad the last day of the season and then the quality decreased when new season started after 1 day? (-.-)'

    The Cup, we know, is not a cup per level, draws are made using the Quality, despite the level. So the more quality you have, (as always has been case...) more chances to face higher levels. These higher levels, have market advantadge and we know that some of us during many seasons defended a new system, more fair.

    In this case, the thread talks about a team that, had a quality in the night, and anoher in the morning.
    1st- a manager can build a new squad just doing a bid with 1T per player.
    2nd- "Now" not before, the game, when you see the previous of the match, with the %'s, show the Quality of both eleven's. So, if good players are as sub's or reserves, and then, you set them in the eleven, the % that show the previous of the match, change. (Yeah no? this changed, now I did the sum of ma 11 and the number 99 is the Av Q of the 11... lol)

    So there's no case here. Despite all, as Jeeves mantioned, if we suspect that there's a player using bugs or exploits, we can contact the support.
    If, we "have a doubt", please, most of the forum members are managers, more or less experienced, but, we can not check the account to verify if someone is cheating, so, accuse, in the way that was made, can not be allowed, and as said, this, went too far away.

    Thread closed.

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