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    In your threads, administrating things up!
    I was going to come back with a "What would you guys suggest that we do with the Captain position" but... haha you're already ahead of me.

    So we have two sides of the coin here - Do something with the Capt. position - Do nothing with it.

    Maybe a middle ground can be reached? :9

    I get all of you. On one side it would be fun to be able to have another beneficial stat for your Club plus - As Cloverfield suggests, in real life a figure of a certain position in society or a team or a collective of any kind, can actually raise people's morale (Not talking about the in-game stat :P). Certainly this would bring some more realism. Besides I also dislike useless things in games haha - I view such things as a "missed opportunity" to include something useful and cool.

    BUT I also understand where Niko is coming from at the same time. But then again - why should such a feature for the Captains be designed as a convoluted stat that is there but we don't know how exactly it operates. This falls down to the actual design of the feature.

    I do think that we "Can have the cake and eat it at the same time" as they say, in a situation like this. :P

    Quote Originally Posted by nikolgiorgos View Post
    If the position of the captain could be useful at something, is :

    The player we have for Captain of the team, should get the skill point gift of the day
    (and not our veteran player who 's gonna retire in the end of the season, or a player who is not in the plans for the next season )
    This would be really helpful! But since the designed intention is that Gifted skill-points are randomly assigned, and this would basically provide a way to bypass that - Maybe a cooldown should be added as to how often you can promote your captain?
    How about once per season?
    Basically decide early on as to who will be the player you want to be able to boost up quickly no matter what next season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeeves View Post
    But since the designed intention is that Gifted skill-points are randomly assigned
    It should be randomly assigned to the current XI.

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