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  • First half (0-45')

    0 0%
  • Half time (45')

    5 17.86%
  • 45-75'

    16 57.14%
  • Last 15 minutes (75' - Full Time)

    8 28.57%
  • Depends on player condition

    6 21.43%
  • Depends on player rating

    6 21.43%
  • When losing

    4 14.29%
  • When winning, to defend the lead

    3 10.71%
  • When winning, to increase the scoreline

    1 3.57%
  • It's not my call. The AM is the boss, boss.

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    When do you make substitutions?

    Like the poll says.

    I try to plan 3 subs ahead to get a +1 game played stat and possible a few skill points for new transfers/ fast learners.
    In tough matches I'll also plan 3 subs, usually to swap in "fresh legs" in attack or central defence positions.
    Usually I make subs 60-75' in, or start at halftime if I've got a lead and can replace a non-learning vet for a younger player, same position.

    PS- I'm sure I missed good poll options, feel free to discuss your tactics.
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    If I 'm not satisfied, I do a sub at halftime.
    Then at 65'-70' .
    If 'm good, I do a sub at 80' to get the green pack.
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    Depends if, I see the name of a player or not during the match. If theres a first half without see the name of a ST or MC/AM* I do a sub aprox in the min 50', but, all depend of, if I have the control of the match, because sometimes is good idea change the best player that have 8* fior another and sometimes is better, for avQ. keep this and first, before do subs, I try to move players between lines to see if the arrive better to the goal.

    Then usually I do one when match is arround to the 80' or more.

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    What niko said, plus I will sub MCs and defenders with early yellows. I generally sub my lowest rated player every league game, regardless of score. Dragons don't carry dead weight. Rating is a reflection of my own tactics and orders so if I'm rating quite low across the board I usually flip the script and radically change my approach in game.
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    If I get an yellow card I wait few minutes to see his rating,if it stay the same or drop I will change him,if goes up he will stay in (i know he will not get a double yellow 😉)
    If, for example, a DC will perform bad,I will change him at half time and I will swap him with other defender wich has better rating (because most of times the player who came in will perform the same like the player he took his place,but many times when I'm doing this,I notice he plays better)

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    In your threads, administrating things up!
    Personally - It depends.

    I go in to a match with a particular plan for the way I will be playing. Organizing my team with an appropriate counter-formation and an intentional tactics set up.
    BUT I always have a backup plan for some formations and opponents (especially if these guys are from previous competitions where we matched up).

    Then the match starts and I watch very closely as to what's going on. I try to read the opponent's set up and spot any gaps in my play.

    This usually takes me to the half-time where I will quickly re-set the formation and tactics accordingly if it's needed. Doesn't take me more than a few seconds as if something does in-fact go wrong I usually expect what it might be before the match even starts - Playing Top 11 for so long has it's benefits!

    There are also the cases where I am not sure how exactly to counter the opponent so I go in with formation that QUICKLY shows how wrong my decision was AND then I would quickly do the needed subs if I can't just go with the simplest re-positioning.

    TLDR: All in all - Subs for me are always intentional and planed ahead of time. Because as the 5 Ps of success go:



    I'll go with the "Half time (45')" option.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HoofDaddy View Post
    What niko said, plus I will sub MCs and defenders with early yellows.
    This, more or less.

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    I usually substitute during half time ......I substitute players only if....

    1)if player gets a yellow card,

    2)if player has a rating lower than 6.5

    3)if opposition changes its formation

    4)if a free kick specialist misses a free kick...I would replace him with another specialist

    5) and obviously when a player gets injured....

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    I only substitute when a player is performing badly, or a yellow carded player's ratings drop... Most times I don't really remember to make one. Especially when I am playing good

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    I swap my attacking team around. Usually I play 1-1 with wing support, and swap my ST through 3 positions if needed and change attacking arrows on MC and wings.
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