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Thread: Using GK training for outfield players?

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    Question Using GK training for outfield players?


    I have recently tried to use GK training drills, combined with 1 other training drill, with really good results.


    5 GK training sessions in a row and 1 fast counter attack-drill for offensive players (or whatever you want to train your player for. For defensive players you can use piggy in the middle or whatever you choose.)

    When you train your player this way, it seems that the training points earned in GK-training gets "transferred" to the last drill you choose.

    Its a really efficient "tool" to train your players for exactly what you want them to be good at. Also, you can save a ton of time, if you're training a player with a very low or low intensity drill.

    Does anyone else do the same and does anyone have any other tips for training?

    (i have seached the forum, but i can't see this have been mentioned before. If there is a thread where this have been discussed before, please send me a link)
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    This has been mentioned, glad you tried to search. I don't repeat the GK training multiple times, personally. I also mix what goes before and after, and don't see the "bump" for other players coming in a consistent way; but I don't really monitor it either.

    It's neat, right? We also have ideas about training after a match. In any case, we don't have the right data to determine efficiency of various training regiments. But keep trying what you find and share results!
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    Well, i can't say with a 100 percent certanty, but i do believe its for real. And yes, its very nice.

    If i'm training an ST and i use GK-training in the first 5 "blocks" and then the skill drill (very easy intensity) in the last "block", he will gain massive in creativity, heading and dribbling. Much more than he would have gained if he only was trained with skill drill alone.