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Thread: Some advis? New to the game ...

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    Some advise? New to the game ...

    Hi all ... Started this game a few days ago ...

    Few questions ... am I playing other managers or just AI teams? All the teams names are ending in 'y'

    Other than paying, what other ways are there to get Tokens? I wasted a tun on bidding on players, got some of the tokens by doing surveys, but that seems to have dried up.

    Is the only way to increase levels (would like to sign some of the level 2/3/4 contracts) by final league position each season?

    ... Any other tips would be appreciated..

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    There are both human and AI teams, we think.

    You'll find a good bidding strategy, everyone must spend a bit too many someone early on. But you'll also won some great players with 1 token sometimes.
    Yes, you'll increase level 1 per season maximum when your team places 1-8 in league. Concentrate on finishing top 4 in league to qualify for champions league next season for a good money boost.

    You can't sign contracts until you reach the required level. Ad offers are available with a daily limit, you can try using the app on both Android and iOS, plus the web and Facebook; all may have offers.

    Check the tactics and formations section on this forum for Al Svanbergs "guide for motivated beginners" to get a great start to your career.
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    my advise is start reading everything you need to know about this game from this forum. dont spend token, get to know the game first and most important ask question.follow above advise.
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    There is so much great info about the game at this place!

    I started playing myself after the 2016 update was out, and thought it was a bit confusing to navigate between all info, and hence created this guide after I learned more about the game:

    It covers the fundamental areas of the game. How should you build your squad? How do you improve your squad? What strategy should you have in relation to this? And how do you finance, with tokens and money, your team? The strategy I describe in the game can be with a bit of work farming online easily give you a great team without spending money and is without any doubt the best way to build a team in this game! If you want to spend a bit of money, that can of course speed things up. But like previous posters have said, it's important to spend them correctly because it's very easy to spend them in a way that gives you no help at all or just very temporary help.

    I hope it can help! Let me know if you have any questions or if anything is unclear!
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