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Thread: Is 2017 the worst version for Nordeus TOP11?

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    Unhappy Is 2017 the worst version for Nordeus TOP11?

    I think this season was one of the worst seasons I had in the game.
    Not in the matter of titles. Did double with second team and I did good with my first team as well.

    But it was full of crazy results, especially in associations.

    So I was trying to look through the TOP11 2017 version.
    3 months have past in 2017 and what we have got (I focus on associations which was the big feature that was given to us last year):

    1. A crazy bug in Associations that was pain in the ass for most teams as they never got their points back

    2. At some point exploiting loans thing got fixed (FINALLY, I cannot credit it as a success) but exploiters still there. They have changed associations. They loan multiple 170% players to other teams and association's draws become unfair.

    3. Even if the crazy fiasco bug was fixed, results in association are still crazy. Statistics have no logic, quailty does not matter, it seems that nothing matters and they are fixed.
    I try to sum up some stats for this ( because I have opened a ticket in Nordeus and they have not denied that indeed there is an issue.
    But as it is sporadic and random, everything is kept in silence.. well no... FIX THAT.

    4. Statistics of the game this year are blur... sometimes are unrealistic and we are not sure if there is a bug there too. Results and statistics do not get along and stats are the only means a manager has.... So we are playing blindfolded.

    5. Announcement of closing the old version before porting some basic stuff to the new version. I cannot have excuses of what WILL come. The planning was bad.

    6. CAP of free items by ads reduced (minor but many managers were disappointed by that as well)

    Above facts were the first that poped up in my mind,

    And now the good stuff:
    Really... None!

    In version 2017 no big feature was given, and we got even more bugs.

    Personally I find that version 2017 was a step backwards for top11.

    What is your opinion?
    Do you feel on the overall satisfied or disappointed by the performance of TOP11 2017 compared to previous versions.

    No venting
    No personal experiences
    Just your thoughts
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    i agree with number 4,statistics mean nothing,but from the animation i can see who is dominant and who s not and that can give you a hint on who's gonna win, especially saves, like most of the times i get 10 shots or more on target but the opp gk makes 1 or two saves per match, unless i'm understanding saves wrongly i believe 2 or 3 saves per match are way from realistic ,not only that but when you lose it's always the gk fault, he gets the lowest rating, GKs are some second class citizens in top eleven world
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    I couldn't agree more.
    Nordeus don't want us to get into game mechanics, that's obvious. They are trying to create the atmosphere of real football. That's why we have zero information about how the game works or even what the skills mean (what's the point to have them then?). That's why we have this semi-broken statistics. It's all-out secrecy: they don't even announce changes.
    Blindfolded, the word you've used, describes the whole situation perfectly, not just strange and unrelated game statistics.

    It's ok, btw, I'm not complaining about this Nordeus strategy of creating football manager simulator. But it's became much worse lately. I only hope the changes they implemented are raw and haven't been tested properly, so they will polish it to be better.
    Maybe next season. Or the season after the next. Anytime before my patience will run out and I quit the game, and the sooner the better =]
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    Cmon nordeus, show us that you can control the damage.
    We are bleeding specially against AI.
    Give us hope for new season.
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    Hit the nail on the head there Cloverfield. I've been playing for less than 2 years but the first 3 seasons of 2017 have just been random.
    I'm getting decent enough results in the league, cup, CL and even our association has promoted 3 times to reach platinum for the first time next season.
    BUT so many things seem to be going unaddressed by Nordeus.
    Might well be tanking for the next 2 or 3.
    Take a break.
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    Cloverfield and Toxcatl,you said it all guys.
    I won my 7th treble in a row,but this is the worst season since i started playing, 30 seasons ago and this because i don't feel that i was in control,that i won because i knew what i was doing.This is not the game that i used to enjoy playing it.

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    Here are my own summaries :

    1. The FA matches are crazy. There's even a 6* FA finishing 4th while fighting 5* FAs

    2. Oh gods, the Ads system. It's so terrible right now.

    3. The recommendations system sucks so bad because you get the players you don't want and they are too random

    4. The tutorial is so annoying. Previously you can choose what to do first, but right now, you are always have to follow the steps. Even the auctions where you cannot choose the player you want but rather a random 4* man chosen by Nordeus

    5. F*** the official store. Previously you can buy these stuffs with tokens but now, you HAVE to use money. I mean WTF?!

    6. You still cannot use dash to rename your players so good luck in trying to change the jersey number of a North Korean with the new version!
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    Yes, 2017 is worst TE version ever. It is not fair for lower level teams to meet higher level teams in CL and Cup. Higher level team can buy 4-5 players in auction while lower level team have to buy 4-5 scouts player to be equal. How is that fair? Right now the ads availability dropped so much which previously was used to offset the amount of tokens to be spent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CM-16 View Post
    Here are my own summaries :

    5. F*** the official store. Previously you can buy these stuffs with tokens but now, you HAVE to use money. I mean WTF?!
    this is only for mobile devices.
    In pc new version, you can buy official jerseys with saved tokens.
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    I would like a little better farming, but only two things are really bothering me with this game.

    1. Old version: My biggest beef with this game is the loss of old version. I preferred the old version interface over new version.

    2. Scouts and Recommended players are a ripoff: Recommended players are an upgrade over scouts, so it's a step in the right direction due to the younger age. However, for association matches, scouts and recommended players aren't going to cut it (if one has a high 6* or above team). A player with gray stats at 6* levels, just flat out can't hang when the opponent's same quality players have gray stats at 3* and below. Lets take a 100% gray stat average and compare it to a 40% gray stat average, w/ 5 stats being gray. 60*5/15 = 20%. That's a 20% difference in white stat average for an equal quality player. If managers are going to spend several tokens to go to scout/recommended list, they should get a better return on investment. Plus, a 119% 19 yr old, is two seasons behind a 5* 18 year old in the drop of gray stat towards 1%, a 22 year old scout is 5 seasons behind. What incentive is there to buy scouts/recommended players?
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