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    Writing history - last chance

    As the old version ends at 18 of April and club history is not available any more, this is our last chance to post the history and some records of our teams.
    So here is the current history of my 3 active clubs right now
    NIK my main and older team
    NIK won 10 trebles, had an amazing % success in finals, 36/37 and first scorer Ronaldo (the Phenomenon) with 721 goals.
    He is still in the team as 32 y.o. player but as I 'm not active (as previous two seasons), not many goals to add in his stats.
    Writing history - last chance-history.jpg

    This is RINOKEROS
    My 2nd team isn't so active,
    I started it to play in a league of friends, same lv, same server
    Won 3 trebles.
    Best scorer Diego Maradona with 497 goals.
    He still playing in the team as 30 y.o. player. Unfortunately half of his seasons the team wasn't competitive so he didn't have the chance to add more goals in his stats.
    Most goals in one match from Borja. I remember that in this game it was another player who won the MoM title - lol
    Writing history - last chance-history-rino.jpg

    This is my third active team, Man Utd
    Stayed in the same lv some seasons (lack of time) so won only one treble.
    Starting it for some tests and participating in association games.
    ManU was in a great asso group and has been in world 25 (the period before those bs with loan tricks).
    Ryan Giggs has an amazing record with 11 goals in one game.
    Writing history - last chance-history-man-u.jpg

    - With the end of the old version, I cannot play anymore with RINOKEROS and ManU as I 'm mostly pc user and my lap top cannot handle 3 teams at the same time.
    Hardly can play one anyway
    So it's the end of their history anyway.

    - Please share yours (with Play Top Eleven - Free Online Football Manager Game )
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    In my case, there is only one team, has the default name , won 5 trebles, 7 doubles, season over season main target is treble .
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Writing history - last chance-claudiu.jpg  
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    missing T11 old form

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    Writing history - last chance-ch.jpg

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    Clevedon, UK
    Desert Rats FC - I went AWOL seasons 4-11 as on the graph, season 1 seems to be missing ), in the last four seasons, won a treble and two doubles.

    Writing history - last chance-dr-club-history-season-15.jpg
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    I've won 8 trebles, but I really don't care about league, CL or cup anymore, only associations tournament. Vercosa, my all-time leading scorer is still on the team, but is retiring this season.

    Writing history - last chance-1-negotiation.jpg
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    Well what to say. Sad to leave old version I think it is much better than new one. This is history of my club:

    Writing history - last chance-screenshot_2.jpg

    Writing history - last chance-screenshot_3.jpg

    After reaching lvl 39 the highest lvl at that time on my server I left and started from the begining. So this is history of that new club currently lvl 33.

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    My life in top eleven is split. First half is my pre-forum era.. medium player doing the basic.

    And then it is post-forum era.
    Joined in order to switch level in my game experience, and trough guidance of most experienced members (especially Nik was a mentor :P) I succeeded my target.


    Clover 13
    Writing history - last chance-clover13.jpg
    I think 85% of the tiles came in my postforum experience

    Angry Sheep FC
    Writing history - last chance-angrysheepfc.jpg
    Grant was the 1st nordgen I bought, as there were no much money at the start of the game I spent them all in one player.
    He is only 24, so my target is to be my team's legend and never sell him.

    Let's hope statistics will be much improved in new version because they are addictive
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    THIS is definitely missing from the new version.
    Thanks for sharing guys. Never seen this before.

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    It's not the history-tap, but... it also shows history:

    Season 4: it's a year ago, one of the best seasons of Kraxner (before Costa came), and... it shows the incoming of two club legends
    Writing history - last chance-season04stats.jpg

    Season 6: it shows one the worst seasons ever, but also the incoming and rise of Costa. I bought this guy for 15,3mio, now his value is 104mio.
    Writing history - last chance-season06stats.jpg

    Btw... worst decision ever to kill old version without the implementation of history, flags,... to the new version.

    I will screenshot the history on last day and than I will post it.
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    I don't manipulate the draw.


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    stats worthless because of
    exploiting and bug-weekend

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    I am also one of those guys who loved the old version and one of the reasons was the stats that are missing from the new version,also this was the main reason for me not to tank in 30 seasons,I didn't want to spoil my stats
    MvBasten will miss the old version,his career will end just few days after the old version will be closed
    Writing history - last chance-alltimest.jpg
    Writing history - last chance-20170403_115125.jpg

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