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Thread: Can you train older players?

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    Can you train older players?

    Well I say old but anyone over the age of 21 doesn't seem get any benefit from training. I've got 5 players on 99% but can't get that 5th star grrrrr any suggestions?

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    Try a little more?
    Of course they can be trained, it's just getting a little bit slower with every additional year.
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    Look for Al's guides in the guides forum, to learn about training efficiency. Any player does gain %, but it slows down at an unknown rate, probably every few seasons of age. However, we have examples to demonstrate that if they stay effective, age and stars don't tell the full story. You decide who is in your 11 and how long.

    Couple seasons ago subbed in a veteran ML player, probably 60%Q, (natural dml) who was unplayed for a few seasons, came in scored 3 goals in maybe 20 minutes, rated a 10, took MoM.

    Just yesterday I played a match where 3 defenders from 37 to 66 rated higher than my usual best DC of over 100Q. Anything seems possible, many strategies will succeed.
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