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Thread: Buying at the auction?

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    Buying at the auction?

    Seen loads of threads from people about trying to sell players with the new system, but not too many complimenting the buying side.
    I replace my first 11 every season, usually buying mid 5 star players for 1/2/3 tokens each, then selling them off again at the end of the season.
    Now, whenever I've looked at the new lists any player that's decent 5* seems to be going for crazy tokens, 10 and upwards, sometimes as high as 35 or 40.
    Is this the norm? Has anyone had good success picking up mid 5 star players for a couple of tokens? Am I just going to have to give up in a few days at the start of the season as I just wont have the tokens to compete?
    Also noticed the auction doesn't end at the four minutes, just watched 3 guys there continue bidding up another 15 tokens after the 'end'.
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    The working theory is:

    All the players on the TM are Nordeus generated, and our players are never seen by other managers. Bots buy our players at random times for a random amount (far less than market value from what I've seen) when we try to sell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BridgeGoth View Post
    The working theory is:

    All the players on the TM are Nordeus generated, and our players are never seen by other managers. Bots buy our players at random times for a random amount (far less than market value from what I've seen) when we try to sell.
    Sorry, it wasn't the selling side that I was really asking about, but the buying side.
    Wondering how many have had a good success rate in picking up 5* players for a few tokens, something that could be achieved regularly with a bit of patience in the old version.
    From what I've watched so far it just looks like a crazy free-for-all with high token prices

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    All 5* players are going for crazy amounts, especially considering this is the last week of the season.
    Just saw one 3 position go for 52 tokens!!! (and Im sure the forum has other higher token bids recorded too)
    You would find good 4* players close to 5* (77-79%) going at much discounted prices.
    I have bought four 3 position players for 1 token each
    You might need to change strategy or shell out more tokens in this market.
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    I reactived an old account of mine yesterday just for fun and to try the new TM and all of my starters were 3 star old players. So I decided to replace them all and it took me about 40-45 tokens to do this. I bought 11 mid 5 star players of different age for this amount of tokens. But hey, that's the end of the season. In the beginning 100 tokens won't be enough for this I reckon. Should also mention that this overhaul took me about 4 hours to do it and many missed attempts to buy players, because basically everytime I left bidding after about 12-15 tokens spent on a player.
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    The 10+ token buy for 5* young players is the normality now, we should adapt and use our resources wisely.

    If you change your whole first squad I think it will be difficult for you.
    Or you should be totally devoted and check the TM continuously for 4-5 hours.

    Last days I am monitoring TM.
    As I am writing now I have both my teams open by side, in TM, and check the traffic.
    My observations

    1. Every 3-4 rounds (aka 12-16min) you will definitely get a fast (high value) young (18-19) nordgen
    2. There are many multi-position players
    3. The average token bids given for very good players are 25~50tokens (big average difference but something in between)
    4. Due to the fact that there are multipostions, single position players sometimes attract less buyers.

    I have bought 3 very good 5*, almost 6* players, mostly for curiosity.
    2 of them less than 10T
    1 of them at 25T

    So buying a 5* good player is feasible and without extreme tokens spent.
    you have to spent hours watching the market or get just too lucky.

    There are some positive aspects I must say.
    The multipositions fast trainers will save you some greens, even if you spent some tokens more.

    BUT No1

    I really DOUBT that this thing with endless nordgen multiposition players will continue forever.
    I think it is a trick to make new auction system more like-able and gradually will fade out

    BUT No2
    It is the end of the season and already some bid wars go high.
    I think this will be increased radically in first days of season.


    at some point if feel like it will do this:
    If I see a very good player when the time resets I will drop the first token.
    This moves the player on top giving you the final result and the final ammount of tokens spent
    Of course I will lose the player on purpose as it will be much wanted.
    But we can collect many pictures of bid wars
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